3.2 Understanding the Force on a Current-carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field.


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  1 PROGRAM DIDIK CEMERLANG AKADEMIK  SPM 3.0 ELECTROMAGNETISM   ORGANISED BY: JABATAN PELAJARAN NEGERI PULAU PINANG PHYSICS MODULE 16  2 TOPIC:3.0 ELECTROMAGNETISM   3.2 Understanding the force on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field. CONTENTS:  1.   CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT (30 MINUTES)2.   ACTIVITY (50 MINUTES)3.   ASSESSMENT (40 MINUTES)4.   MARKING SCHEME (ANSWER KEY)  3 1. CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT (30 MINUTES) A. FORCE ON A CURRENT-CARRYING CONDUCTOR 1. A current carrying wire has a magnetic field around it. If this wire is place in another magnetic field, the two magnetic fields may interact and produce a force on the wire.2.When a current is passed through the loop, the loop moves upwards. A force is actingon the wire segment inside the magnetic field.3.When the direction of current is reversed, the loop moves downwards.4.When the polarities of the magnet are reversed, the loop moves downwards.5.When the current and magnetic field strength are increased, the loop will bend more.The force acting on the wire is therefore proportional to the current and the magneticfield strength.6. The directions of the magnetic field, current and force acting on the loop are mutually perpendicular.7. The direction of the force can b e determined by Fleming’s left hand Rule which is also known as the Motor Rule. B. Fleming’s Left hand Rule (Motor Rule)  1. By placing the forefinger, second finger and thumb of the left hand mutually at rightangles, the forefinger will point in the direction of the field, the second finger in thedirection of the current and the thumb in the direction of the force or motion.  42. The force on the wire can be increased byUsing a larger currentUsing a stronger magnetic fieldUsing a greater length of the wire in the field3. Only when the wire is inside the magnetic field, there is force acting on it. If youincrease the length of the wire but the increased segment is outside the field, the forcecannot be increased.Force on a beam of charged Particles1. When a beam of moving particles enters a magnetic field, there is force acting on thecharged particles. They are deflected inside the magnetic field. Fl eming’s Left Hand Rule can be applied to determine the direction of deflection of the beam of charged particles.(a) A beam of positive charged particles. Direction of current is same as the direction of movement of the charged particles.
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