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   v lopm nt  What is Development? De   v   elo   p   men   t entailsimprovementinthequalityaswellasquantityoflife. D   evel   o   pme   n   t istheaccumulationof humancapitalanditseffectiveinvestmentintheprogressofaneconomy.  Shifts in Development Paradigms EconomiccumCulturalProgress 1920’s –1940’s EconomicProgress 1940’s –1960’s Economic Progress cum Rural Development 1950’s –1970’s IntegratedAreaDevelopment 1970’s ParticipatoryDevelopment 1980’s SustainableDevelopment 1990’s ExploitationofnaturalresourcesIndustrializationasvehicleofecondevtRecognitionofdisparityinincomeAgri-productionandgeographicequityReversalofTOP  – DOWNapproach  For   S   u   sta   i   nabl   e   D   e   v   elo   p   me   n   t to happen, the world of nations agreed to focus all development initiatives towards sustainability of resources. i   nitiatives ã The   S   toc   k   ho   l   m Co   n   v   e   ntio   n held 30 years ago. The whole world agreed on the urgent need to respond to the problem of environmental deterioration.
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