2016-6-3 MMJ Physician Active Certification Counts Responsive


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List of doctors licensed to prescribe medicinal marijuana in Massachusetts.
  NameMedical Provider TypeActive Certification Count (6/3/16)Total Certification Count (5/20/16) Jill Griffin Physician 3284 6362John Nadolny Physician 2936 5792Tyrone Cushing Physician 2521 4649Dragana Doran Physician 2041 2014Carl Singletary Physician 1626 3717Gary Bernard Witman Physician 1531 1486Jeremy Spiegel Physician 1483 3022Daniel Einstein Physician 1414 3700Thomas Wong Physician 1411 2330Ruben Oganesov Physician 1388 1464David Getz Physician 1351 1603charles walker Physician 1103 1074David Austin Rideout Physician 1057 1209Rose Ann Berwald Physician 933 2247Gary Kleeman Physician 756 931Israel Mayer Stein Physician 728 1286Kwesi Ntiforo Physician 660 760Tommy Sellers Physician 595 543Scott Springer Physician 584 784Uma Dhanabalan Physician 575 1585Harold LeRoy Altvater Physician 397 836Mario Addabbo Physician 385 451Elliot Lipstock Physician 347 288Lydia Kapell Physician 283 253Aaron Gleckman Physician 256 263Katherine Downey Physician 238 413Linda Faulk Physician 158 216Melvin J Schwartz Physician 129 173Hanno Philip Muellner Physician 119 144Jordan Tishler Physician 115 175Vasumathi K Brown Physician 108 630William Cristo Jr Physician 101 297Timothy John Norton Physician 87 99Mark Weiner Physician 79 83Ronald Lee Physician 64 870Lawrence Whiting Physician 55 373Keith Ablow Physician 51 54Brian Edward McGeeney Physician 40 46Natalie Leonid Lender Physician 38 43Eric James Ruby Physician 37 46Anil Kumar Physician 36 60James STANKIEWICZ Physician 34 103Christian Potter-Kablotsky Physician 33 42Mark Eisenberg Physician 32 45  NameMedical Provider TypeActive Certification Count (6/3/16)Total Certification Count (5/20/16) George Milowe Milowe Physician 29 41Christopher Severson Physician 27 43Howard Weiner Physician 25 42BRUCE I. Goderez, GODEREZ Physician 24 29Jasper Ngomba Physician 24 40Ira Helfand Physician 23 23Jeanne T Hubbuch Physician 22 33John Halporn Physician 21 35ROBERT ANDREW DYE Physician 19 21Guillermo Gonzalez Physician 18 71Ellen Lathi Physician 16 25Alexander Angelov Physician 15 36Eric W Romanowsky Physician 15 20ROBERT S WEINSTEIN Physician 15 17Bari-Sue Brodsky Physician 14 11Julie Stanton Physician 14 13Andrew Norden Physician 13 16Eric Johnson Physician 11 19Arnold Blank Physician 10 13Maria Houtchens Physician 10 32Charles Brummer Physician 9 8Eugene Valsky Physician 9 14Neil R. Kudler Physician 9 9Carmen Patricia Fater Physician 8 19David Patrick Gannon Physician 8 25John Grieveson Physician 8 18Joshua Katz Physician 8 13Kelly Hoye Physician 8 9Ranbir Dhillon Physician 8 20Richard Barnum Physician 8 8Roni Sharon Physician 8 11Tina Furcolo Physician 8 7Anne P Rogal Physician 7 16John Sedgwick Howland Physician 7 15 TOTAL:  31677 53333
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