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1. The Fight For a Fair EconomyULTCW United Long Term Care SEIU ULTCW Workers AnnUAL REpoRT 2011 2. In 2011… When a bank threatened to take the home of one of our…
  • 1. The Fight For a Fair EconomyULTCW United Long Term Care SEIU ULTCW Workers AnnUAL REpoRT 2011
  • 2. In 2011… When a bank threatened to take the home of one of our members, we took the giant step of working with others in coalition and even got arrested to help her fight back to make sure she kept her home. When the call of “We are the 99%” was sounded, we took giant steps together, marching to City Halls, closing streets and joining Occupy movements throughout the state. We took on corporate America and we won. And we’ll continue to do so until there is justice for all. When our communities were clearly in need, we took the giant step of providing them with a Fresh Start for the school year. When the Super Committee in Congress threatened to cut Medicare, we took a giant step with actions that said “Not on our watch!” And we will continue to step up for quality jobs and step up for how long term care is carried out in this state to better serve consumers, patients, and workers and we will step up with those who join us in getting to that place we call Justice Taking These Kinds Of Steps Is Fighting For A Fair Economy Laphonza Butler pRESIdEnT SEIU ULTCW WHAT WE SAIDE SAID WHAT WE SAID In 2011, we decided on accomplishing 4 key goals that would improve the lives of our members while “ strengthening our union and the communities in which weE SAID live and work. ULTCW 4 KEy GoALS FoR 2011 oRGAnIzInG To RAISE STAndARdS We knew that in order to lift workers up, we had to focus on raising standards such as wages and benefits and giving unorganized long term care workers a voice on the job. CREATInG qUALITy jobS We heard from our members that they wanted to take action to It felt great having cities transform current jobs into quality jobs that present a path to fulfilling the American Dream while demanding that corporate America do its and counties throughout part by creating the good jobs our communities need. California recognize the bUILdInG STRonGER CommUnITIES We understood that in order to achieve a just society, we had to hard work we do. develop stronger, deeper relationships with folks on our blocks and in our churches who share our vision. – Julie Chow, Monterey Park dEEpEnInG mEmbER LEAdERShIp And InvoLvEmEnT Our members told us they wanted more training and experience to grow as leaders and help our union achieve its goals and vision.
  • 3. M 2011 2011 brought with it yet more economic challenges for our country. Although unemployment rates started to decline, over 10 percent of CaliforniansM 2011 remain without work. However, even with such difficult times, ULTCW members took giant steps and led the way in our fight for a fair economy, to ensure worker voices were heard, and lay the groundwork for 2012. RAISInG STAndARdS, LIFTInG voICES bUILdInG STRonG CommUnITIES In 2011, ULTCW members and staff worked tirelessly to make sure that We understand that in order to achieve a just society and a fair the voices of our members and those seeking to organize were heard. economy for all, we must strengthen not only our union, but also the communities in which we live and work. In 2011, we did Because of our members’ dedication and action in the fight for social and exactly that when ULTCW members: economic justice, ULTCW: • Won higher wages and benefits in contract negotiations for over • Stopped the state’s 20 percent trigger cuts to the IHSS 2,000 nursing program from taking place on January 1st by filing a home members. lawsuit with coalition members. • Got offers of reinstatement and back pay for 21 nursing home • Not only endorsed the “We are the 99%” Occupy workers who were illegally fired for trying to organize a union. movement but camped out and joined marches throughout California. • Brought a voice to 471 workers at six nursing homes facilities when they voted to join • Educated over 500 key senior, disability and veteran our union. groups on the availability of quality in-home care through the ULTCW Homecare Exchange program. • Protected the wages and benefits of more than 15,000 in- home caregivers from being cut in Santa Cruz, Mendocino and • Provided back to school supplies, health screenings Alameda Counties. and more to over 13,000 Los Angeles and Oakland area families and children in need through our 2011 Fresh • Started organizing private agency home care providers to give Start Community Festivals. them a voice on the job. • Partnered with 30 California cities and counties to pass • Started contract negotiations for the over 150,000 members who resolutions that recognized the important work of long provide in-home care in term care workers by designating November as “Family Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. Caregivers Month”. • Provided our members with cost-saving discount programs to • Deepened our reach into local communities and establish help stretch every dollar farther. new relationships with community and elected leaders through our involvement in Good Jobs LA and the Occupy movement. dEmAndInG Good jobS ULTCW members took a bold stand in 2011 to shift the national conversation about our economy so that it focused on holding corporate LEAdInG by ExAmpLE America responsible and the need to create quality jobs. The success our union experienced in 2011 is due to the dedication and leadership of our members. During the year, Through this work, ULTCW members : thousands of ULTCW members took action and led by example to • Took on corporations like Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, Wells ensure that our goals for 2011 became reality and to prepare for Fargo, One West Bank, Fannie Mae, Vons and others in order to the work ahead of us in 2012. protect the middle class. In 2011, ULTCW members: • Held “Communities in Crisis” forums in 9 cities throughout California that exposed • Had 29,477 conversations with other ULTCW members. corporate greed. • Endorsed President Obama and set priorities • Had one-on-one conversations with over 40,000 households for 2012. about the need to stand united and hold elected officials accountable. • Held Tele-Town Halls in which over 35,000 ULTCW members participated and learned about issues important • Had Congress members walk a day in the shoes of those who to the future of long term care. have lost their homes and jobs. • Invested in their future by contributing to COPE, adding another 2,360 members in making • Participated in the Good Jobs LA Kitchen Table Summit in which politics work. 2,400 community members told elected officials that the creation of good jobs had to be a national priority. • Built a stronger union when over 21,750 ULTCW members participated in a union activity. • Through mass protests and use of media, we changed the national debate to Job Creation instead of Debt Ceiling. • Volunteered to lead 420 activities through our Member Committees. • We made sure that tens of thousands of home care workers still kept their health insurance when the state reduced consumer • Facilitated several presentations to students of the hours in February. We assisted another 1,200 providers with California Long Term Care Workers’ Training Center. finding client hours through the ULTCW Homecare Exchange program.
  • 4. “ ;3cupy ovn o.] oc ov Am 3ovn The success adtyxov; p our union gridAz unity compassion progress ory experienced A-a]un;axte ict in 2011 is in v visión SEIU due to the zgo ULTCW occupy dedication and era leadership lid victory Miasnov;3ovn Una Sociedad Justa leadership of our members. leza caregivers dedication comunidad During the orta Good Jobs Qnamagalnyr community year, thousands f Crawyl unidad ULTCW of ULTCW SEIU Yrazank members took Jobs vn greso compasión vision action and led Good Hzorov;3o by example Law A,qadady.yr strength ar pro oc on to ensure that up Garygxovm visi A-a]no our goals for impacto Hasaragov;3ovn 2011 became rtov;3o Buenos Empleos reality and to ProveedArtar e Salud vn dedicación prepare for the ores d Ha.;anag work ahead of us in 2012. victoria Just So ciety Hama3nk impact i nte gri Nwirwa/ov;3ovn ty
  • 5. 3 “Although WI and CA “Corporate Am are miles apart, we paying its fair s are all united.” bad for Am – Maria Andrade, Ventura – Michele Reed1 “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” – Christina Knorr, Solano 2 “ 9 I camped out because 9 we are the 99%! ” ULTCW – Dalisa King, Long Beach 10
  • 6. “merica isn’tshare. That’smerica!” We educatedd, Los Angeles folks and 4 discussed real solutions. 5 6 ” – Cindy Valdez, Santa Cruz “Taking action means bringing about change. I’m proud of the work we do as ULTCW to make needed change happen.” – Natasha Gordon, San Bernardino 8 7 3 8 11 “By being involved in my union I’ve learned and Photo Key: 1) CA Attorney General Kamala Harris at MLK Day Event, grown so much this year.” 2) Wisconsin Rally, 3) SEIU President Mary Kay Henry at March for Workers’ Rights, 4) ULTCW President Laphonza Butler on Sec of Labor Panel for Immigration Reform, 5) Good Jobs LA Action, 6) May 1st – Yesenia Barocio, Hollister Rally, 7) Watsonville Action, 8) Fresh Start Festival, 9) ULTCW Members Participate in Occupy Protests, 10) Nursing Home Members take Action.
  • 7. SEIU ULTCW is comprised of 180,000 long term caregivers(nursing home and in-home care workers). One of the mostculturally diverse unions in California, ULTCW memberswork in 16 counties throughout the state and speak overnine languages. We are both natural born citizens and proudimmigrants who came to this country to seek a better lifeand to achieve the American Dream. We take pride in thework we do and deliver quality care with great passion tothose in need.Guided by five core values (Accountability, Diversity,Empowerment, Excellence and Transparency), ULTCW’sExecutive Board and its membership are dedicated to“stepping up and leading the way in the fight for a faireconomy and a just society. ” Our diversity is what makes our union great! – Enrique Camacho, San Bernardino SEIU ULTCW Executive Board yoUR doLLARS AT WoRK ULTCW mEmbERS dUES - $47 mILLIon Running an Efficient Organization 7% Deepening our Leadership 27%The success that ULTCW experienced in 2011 is dueto the leadership of our members and their financialsupport. Only through these contributions are we ableto take the steps necessary to make our journey tojustice a success.Through our dues we’ve been able to ensure that the Organizing tovoices of long term care workers are not only being Raise Standards 45%heard, but have become a powerful voice for allworking families and those seeking work. In 2011 wesuccessfully held elected officials accountable, unitedlong term care workers for greater strength, fought forhigher standards, and protected vital programs from Protecting the Future of Longdevastating cuts. Term Care 6%This chart summarizes how our dues are being put towork for a better future for us all. Creating Quality Jobs 9% Building Stronger Communities 6%
  • 8. oRGAnIzE To RAISE STAndARdS bARGAIn FoR qUALITy jobS WIn ThE FUTURE oF In-homE CARE pRoTECT And pRomoTE ThE AFFoRdAbLE CARE ACT ELECT CAndIdATES Who hAvE ThE CoURAGE To CAREWe took giant steps in 2011, but that only prepares us WIn ThE FUTURE oF In-homE CAREfor what lies ahead. We will need to “step it up” even Time and time again, in-home caregivers and care recipientsmore to protect gains made and bring some vital changes encounter any number of problems with the way the current IHSSthat improve the lives of our members and the people system is set up. It needs to change. And 2012 is a moment inthey take care of. which we can step up to do so by making sure that key principles are achieved. These principles include: finding a stable and adequate funding source for the IHSS program, making homeELECT CAndIdATES Who hAvE ThE care providers an integrated part of their consumers’ healthcareCoURAGE To CARE team, ensuring the IHSS program provides accurate, consistent and respectful assessments for consumers, assuring that homeFor workers in long term care, there is much at stake at the local,state and federal levels. All of these levels of government affect care providers are respected and receive the training they needquality of care, the role of caregivers, and members’ paychecks. In to keep themselves and their consumers safe, and stabilizing theaddition, people in our communities are hurting and in some cases workforce by empowering caregivers with a unified approach towe are dealing with candidates that have not done much to help us, collective bargaining and an opportunity to finally get the chance toyet they want the privilege to represent us. win better wages, improved healthcare, and even paid time off and retirement security.We have to work to re-elect President Barack Obama and supportcandidates at the state and local levels who share our values andhave the courage to make decisions that help working families. bARGAIn FoR qUALITy jobS A key component in our fight for quality jobs is to build on the work in 2011 where the most massive nursing home bargaining periodpRoTECT And pRomoTE ThE AFFoRdAbLE took place for us in recent years. Through these negotiations we must not only improve standards for our members, but also makeCARE ACT a fundamental shift in the way in which employers treat employees.In the same motion of our election work, we will have to still fight back No longer should any nursing home worker be forced to workattempts to undercut the promise of healthcare reform championed for substandard wages and live in fear of employer retaliation forby President Obama’s 2010 Affordable Care Act. Before the elections taking a stand for what is right for both workers and residents.in November of 2012, “Anti-Care” Members of Congress may try toremove parts of it, jeopardizing critical dollars that will help pay for thefuture of in-home care and making it even more difficult for working oRGAnIzE To RAISE STAndARdSfamilies that are struggling due to sky-rocketing healthcare costs and While ULTCW is large in size, there are still thousands of California “lack of access. We are starting to see the good impact of healthcare long term care workers who have no voice on the job. Throughreform but need to be ready to step up and fight back if others try to our goal of organizing thousands of workers in 2012, we not onlyroll it back. empower them to demand change in their workplaces and in their communities, but we will also be able to raise the standards for all long term care workers. As long term caregivers, we’re all in this together. – Cheryl Neal, Cambrian Home Care Worker
  • 9. In 2011, SEIU ULTCW lost its president emeritus,Verdia Daniels. Because of her leadership andcourage, hundreds of thousands of long term careworkers now have a voice on the job. In 2012, wewill continue to follow in Verdia’s footsteps and fightto bring equality to all caregivers and respect for theimportant work we do. “ Being a caregiver is the most rewarding thing I think I’ve done in my lifetime.– Verdia Daniels, SEIU ULTCW President Emeritus (1931 – 2011) ”
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