2011 Quarterly Statement of Cash Flows


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Municipality of lnfanta Statement of Cash Flows Period Ended January 01,2011 To September 30, 20{1 Genera! Fund Cash Flow from Operatlng Activities : Cash lnflows : Other Manual Transactions Collection for Remittance to lnter-Agency payables Collection of Barangay Share in RpT and Community Taxes and Others Collection of Business lncome Collection of lncome for Remittance to the National Treasury Collection of lntra-Agency Payables Collection of lntra-Agency Receivables Collection of Loan R
  Municipality oflnfanta Statement of Cash Flows Period Ended January 01,2011ToSeptember 30, 20{1 Cash Flow from Operatlng Activities : Cash lnflows : Other Manual Transactions Collection for Remittance tolnter-Agencypayables Collectionof BarangaySharein RpT and Community TaxesandOthersCollectionof Business lncome Collection of lncome for Remittanceto the National Treasury Collectionof lntra-AgencyPayablesCollectionof lntra-Agency Receivables Collectionof Loan ReceivablesCollection of Local Taxes Collectionof Other lncomeCollectionofOther ReceivablesCollectionof Permitsand LicensesCdllectionof Real Property Tax CollectionofReceivablesCollectionof Receivables fromNational Government Agencies Collectionof Service lncome Collectionof Subsidy lncome Receiptof Funds forlmplementation of projects Receiptof Payable Accounts Refundof Cash Advance RefundofCash Shortages TotalCash lnflows: Other ManualTransactionsCashOverageUncoveredDuringCash Count Grant ofCash Advance Grant ofSubsidies and DonationsPayment / Reimbursement for Miscellaneous, Extra-ordinary / ConfidentialExpensesPayment / Reimbursementof Travelling ExpensesDate/Time Pinted : November 23, 2011 08:38:07 AM 97,171.39126,820.00230,990.193,654,630.5525,100.0016,500.0063,353.97206,800.004,326,213.8893,825,686.67 1 ,156.082,528,613.075,666,186.5228,800.0017,249.57837,925.00392,006.9542,25A.004,089.3755,688.2014.317.42 (18,881 ,854.20) {27,890.27)(777,629.11) (4,185,415.69)(12,958.00)(1,007,708.00) Genera! Fund 112,161,548.93 Page 1 of 3  Municipality of lnfanta Statement of Cash Flows Period Ended January 01, 2011 To September 30, 201 1 Paymentfor Accountspayable Paymentfor Accounts Payable forprogress Billingof Contractor Paymentfor Communication ExpensesPaymentfor Due to Officers andEmployeqs Payment for lnter-Agency payable Payment for lntra-Agency payable PaymentforOtherLiabilitiesPaymentforOtherMaintenanceand OtherOperating ExpensesPayment for Professional Services Paymentfor Purchaseof lnventories, Supplies and MaterialsDirecflylssued toEnd-User Paymentfor Purchase of lnventories,Supplies and MaterialsforStockPaymentforRefundofOver Deductionof Contributions,permiums, etc.Payment for Repairsand Maintenance ofBuildingsPaymentforRepairsandMaintenanceof Machiniriesand EquipmentPayment for RepairsandMaintenanceof Office Equipment and Furniture and FixturesPayment for Repairsand Maintenance of Transportation EquipmentPaymentfor Taxes, premiumsandOther FeesPaymentfor Training ExpensesPayment for UtilityExpensesPayment of Allowances, Bonusand Other CompensationPaymentofPriorYearsExpensesPaymentofSalariesand WagesandOther CompensationPaymentof Salariesand Wagesthru BankRefundofGuarantyDeposit / Retention FeeRemittanceof Authorized Deduction withheld on Employees (Employee share) Remittanceof raxeswithheld fromsuppliers,contractors and other crectitorsRepairandMaintenanceof publiclnfra Replenishmentof Expenses frompettyCash Fund TotalCash Outflows : Cash Provided by Operating Activities Cash Flow from lnvesting Activities : (1,947,977.34) (9,219.00) (408,274.30)(240,788.74\ (1,435,811.61)(3,85s,90s.46)(1,250.00)(2,385,675.69)(8,437,88s.25) (7,534,178.29) (31,486.00)(52,029.45)(830,232.97)(517,638.60)(92,965.40)(1,426,913.67)(204,985.88)(372,49',t.22) (1 ,475,801 .31) (3,892,423.40) (33,678.06) (14,408,278.04) (1,694.75) (128,739.28) (10,364,444.18)(655,1e9.81)(410,925.14)(60,436.83) GeneralFund (86.110.784.94126,050,76s.89Date/Time Pinted : November 23, 2011 0g:38:07 AM Page 2 of 3  Municipality of lnfanta Statement of Cash Flows Period Ended January 01,2011To September 30,20iI Gash OutFlows : Cash Payment for ProgressBillingofContractor for Constructionfor Agency Assetscash Payment forprogress Billingof contrac{orsforpubliclnftastructures Cash Purchaseof property,plantandEquipment PaymentforFabrication, Constructionand Developmentof ppE TotalCash Outf,ows ; Cash Provided by lnvesting Activities Gash Provided by Financing Activities TotalCash provided by Operating, tnvesting, Financing Activit€s Add : CashBalance BeginningJan I 20il CashBalanceEndingSep 302011(717,589.80)(941,811.93) (2,376,137.62) (29.280.00) Genera!Fund (4.064.819.351 (4,004,819.35)0.00 21,995,944.5459.242.756.98 _uJgqtu.52 DatelTimePrinted : November23, 2011 0g:3g:07 AM Page 3of3
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