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1. 1 JUST Publications in 2008 1) Ababneh, J. I., and M. H. Bataineh. 2008. Linear phase FIR filter design using particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithms.…
  • 1. 1 JUST Publications in 2008 1) Ababneh, J. I., and M. H. Bataineh. 2008. Linear phase FIR filter design using particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithms. Digital Signal Processing: A Review Journal 18, (4): 657-668. 2) Abd El-Hadi, M., S. Saq'an, A. Zihlif, and G. Ragosa. 2008. Electrical impedance properties of zeolite-epoxy composites. Materials Technology 23, (3): 152-157. 3) Abdel-Aal, N. M., A. T. Ahmad, E. S. Froelicher, A. M. S. Batieha, M. M. Hamza, and K. M. Ajlouni. 2008. Prevalence of dyslipidemia in patients with type 2 diabetes in jordan. Saudi medical journal 29, (10): 1423-1428. 4) Abdelali-Martini, M., A. Amri, M. Ajlouni, R. Assi, Y. Sbieh, and A. Khnifes. 2008. Gender dimension in the conservation and sustainable use of agro-biodiversity in west asia. Journal of Socio-economics 37, (1): 365-383. 5) Abdel-Hafeez, S., S. M. Harb, and W. R. Eisenstadt. 2008. High speed digital CMOS divide-by-N fequency divider. Proceedings - IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems: 592-595. 6) Abdel-Hafeez, S. M., and A. S. Matalkah. 2008. CMOS eight-transistor memory cell for low-dynamic-power high-speed embedded SRAM. Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers 17, (5): 845-863. 7) Abdelqader, A., M. Gauly, C. B. A. Wollny, and M. N. Abo-Shehada. 2008. Prevalence and burden of gastrointestinal helminthes among local chickens, in northern jordan. Preventive veterinary medicine 85, (1-2): 17-22. 8) Abdulla, F., H. Abu Qdais, and A. Rabi. 2008. Site investigation on medical waste management practices in northern jordan. Waste Management 28, (2): 450-458. 9) Abdullah, A. Y., F. T. Awawdeh, H. S. Musallam, H. H. Titi, B. S. Obeidat, R. T. Kridli, R. I. Qudsieh, and M. A. Abu Ishmais. 2008. Performance and carcass characteristics of intact and castrated male black goat kids fed diets of various energy levels. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 48, (9): 1217-1224. 10) Abdullah, A. Y., and R. I. Qudsieh. 2008. Carcass characteristics of awassi ram lambs slaughtered at different weights. Livestock Science 117, (2-3): 165-175. 11) Abu Farsakh, M. G., and H. A. Abu Farsakh. 2008. Serum prostate-specific antigen, radiologic findings and gleason score in prostate biopsies in jordan. Hematology/oncology and stem cell therapy 1, (3): 171-174. 12) Abualrub, R. F., and I. M. Al-Zaru. 2008. Job stress, recognition, job performance and intention to stay at work among jordanian hospital nurses. Journal of nursing management 16, (3): 227-236. 13) Abu-Ashour, J., and A. Jamrah. 2008. Survival of bacteria in soil subsequent to greywater application. International Journal of Environmental Studies 65, (1): 51- 56. 14) Abu-Basha, E. A., S. M. Gharaibeh, A. M. Abudabos, A. F. Shunnaq, and A. M. Al- Majali. 2008. Pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence of two norfloxacin oral dosage forms (vapcotril - 10%® and mycomas 10%®) in healthy broiler chickens. International Journal of Poultry Science 7, (3): 289-293. 15) Abu-Dallu, N., and L. Zeatoun. 2008. Study for monitoring air quality in JUST. Air and Waste Management Association: Symposium on Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology 2008: 154-158.
  • 2. 2 16) Abughoush, M., M. Al-Mahasneh, M. Samhouri, M. Al-Holy, and T. Herald. 2008. Formulation and fuzzy modeling of viscosity of an orange-flavored carboxymethylcellulose-whey protein isolate beverage. International Journal of Food Engineering 4, (7). 17) Abu-Hijleh, B., J. Tu, and A. Subie. 2008. Effect of a rotor's aspect ratio and casing inlet/outlet geometry on the efficiency of a rotor-casing assembly. International Journal of Vehicle Design 48, (1-2): 1-22. 18) Abu-Jdayil, B., and K. Al-Malah. 2008. Jordanian clay-based heat insulator composites: Mechanical properties. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 27, (14): 1559-1568. 19) Abu-Jdayil, B., H. A. Mohameed, and A. Bsoul. 2008. Determination of optimal dead sea salt content in a cosmetic emulsion using rheology and stability measurements. Journal of cosmetic science 59, (1): 1-14. 20) Abu-Obeid, N., R. F. Hassan, and H. H. Ali. 2008. Quantifying the aesthetics of non- conventional structures: A comparison between architects, engineers and non- experts. Structural Survey 26, (2): 91-107. 21) Abu-Obeid, N., A. Ibrahim, and K. Al-Sallal. 2008. The effect of consistency between type and style on evaluative responses to mosques and non-religious buildings. Architectural Science Review 51, (2): 153-164. 22) Aidan, A., N. Abdel-Jabbar, T. H. Ibrahim, V. Nenov, and F. Mjalli. 2008. Neural network modeling and optimization of scheduling backwash for membrane bioreactor. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 10, (4): 389-395. 23) Ajlouni, K., Y. S. Khader, A. Batieha, H. Ajlouni, and M. El-Khateeb. 2008. An increase in prevalence of diabetes mellitus in jordan over 10 years. Journal of diabetes and its complications 22, (5): 317-324. 24) Al Ghour, S., and K. Al-Zoubi. 2008. On some ordinary and fuzzy homogenity types. Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae 77, (2): 199-208. 25) Al Hamad, K. Q., W. Z. Azar, H. A. Alwaeli, and K. N. Said. 2008. A clinical study on the effects of cordless and conventional retraction techniques on the gingival and periodontal health. Journal of clinical periodontology 35, (12): 1053-1058. 26) Al Madni, O., M. A. A. Kharosha, and A. M. Shotar. 2008. Firearm fatalities in dammam, saudi arabia. Medicine, Science and the Law 48, (3): 237-240. 27) Al Salameh, M. S., and E. T. Al Zuraiqi. 2008. Solutions to electromagnetic compatibility problems using artificial neural networks representation of vector finite element method. IET Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation 2, (4): 348-357. 28) Al-Abed, N., and M. Al-Sharif. 2008. Hydrological modeling of zarqa river basin - jordan using the hydrological simulation program - FORTRAN (HSPF) model. Water Resources Management 22, (9): 1203-1220. 29) Al-Ajlouni, A. M., O. Sag lam, T. Diafla, and F. E. Ku hn. 2008. Kinetic studies on phenylphosphopolyperoxotungstates catalyzed epoxidation of olefins with hydrogen peroxide. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 287, (1-2): 159-164. 30) Al-Ajlouni, S., M. Alagrabawi, H. Al-Balas, M. Alawneh, and A. Daoud. 2008. Cerebral palsy in jordan: Clinical and neuroimaging characteristics. Jordan Medical Journal 42, (3): 162-169. 31) Al-Akhras, M. -A. 2008. Influence of 50 hz magnetic field on sex hormones and body, uterine, and ovarian weights of adult female rats. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 27, (2): 155-163.
  • 3. 3 32) Al-Akhras, M. -A H., K. Aljarrah, A. Al-Omari, H. M. Al-Khateeb, B. A. Albiss, K. Azez, and G. Makhadmeh. 2008. Influence of extremely low energy radiation on artificial tissue: Effects on image quality and superficial dose. Spectroscopy 22, (5): 419-428. 33) Al-Akhras, N. M., K. M. Al-Akhras, and M. F. Attom. 2008. Thermal cycling of wheat straw ash concrete. Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Construction Materials 161, (1): 9-15. 34) Al-Akhras, N. M., M. F. Attom, K. M. Al-Akhras, and A. I. H. Malkawi. 2008. Influence of fibers on swelling properties of clayey soil. Geosynthetics International 15, (4): 304-309. 35) Al-Akour, N., and Y. S. Khader. 2008. Quality of life in jordanian children with asthma. International journal of nursing practice 14, (6): 418-426. 36) Al-Akour, N. A. 2008. Knowing the fetal gender and its relationship to seeking prenatal care: Results from jordan. Maternal and child health journal 12, (6): 787- 792. 37) Alali, F. Q., A. Gharaibeh, A. Ghawanmeh, K. Tawaha, and N. H. Oberlies. 2008. Colchicinoids from colchicum crocifolium boiss.: A case study in dereplication strategies for (-)-colchicine and related analogues using LC-MS and LC-PDA techniques. Phytochemical Analysis 19, (5): 385-394. 38) Alali, F. Q., Y. R. Tahboub, I. S. Al-Daraysih, and T. El-Elimat. 2008. LC-MS and LC- PDA vs. phytochemical analysis of colchicum brachyphyllum. Pharmazie 63, (12): 860-865. 39) Alali, F. Q., Y. R. Tahboub, E. S. Ibrahim, A. M. Qandil, K. Tawaha, J. P. Burgess, A. Sy, Y. Nakanishi, D. J. Kroll, and N. H. Oberlies. 2008. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from echium glomeratum (boraginaceae). Phytochemistry 69, (12): 2341-2346. 40) Al-Amawi, A., K. Khanfar, and E. El-Qawasmeh. 2008. The performance of integrated wired networks with wireless networks. 1st International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies, ICADIWT 2008: 442- 447. 41) Al-Aomar, R., and F. Dweiri. 2008. A customer-oriented decision agent for product selection in web-based services. International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making 7, (1): 35-52. 42) Al-Asheh, S., and A. Belal. 2008. Carboxylic acids-modified palm stones as sorbents for metal ions using single and multi-metal aqueous solutions. International Journal of Environment and Pollution 34, (1-4): 412-426. 43) Alata, M., B. El-khasawneh, and S. Al-Hourani. 2008. Mechatronics in pharmaceutical engineering: Advanced control to upgrade a tablet coating machine. Proceeding of the 5th International Symposium on Mechatronics and its Applications, ISMA 2008. 44) Alawneh, A., and K. Al-Khaled. 2008. Numerical treatment of stochastic models used in statistical systems and financial markets. Computers and Mathematics with Applications 56, (10): 2724-2732. 45) Alawneh, K., C. Ashley, and J. A. Carlson. 2008. Neutrophilic myositis as a manifestation of celiac disease: A case report. Clinical rheumatology 27, (SUPPL. 1): 11-13. 46) Al-Azzam, S. I., B. A. Al-Husein, E. Y. Abu-Dahoud, T. H. Dawoud, and E. M. Al- Momany. 2008. Etiologies of acute renal failure in a sample of hospitalized jordanian patients. Renal failure 30, (4): 373-376.
  • 4. 4 47) Al-Badarneh, A. F., M. A. Khalil, and M. A. Al-Hami. 2008. Improving protein 3D structure prediction accuracy using dense regions areas of secondary structures in the contact map. American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 4, (4): 375- 384. 48) Al-Bakri, J. T., M. Ajiouni, and M. Abu-Zanat. 2008. Incorporating land use mapping and participation in jordan: An approach to sustainable management of two mountainous areas. Mountain Research and Development 28, (1): 49-57. 49) Al-Barqawi, H., N. Dib, and M. Khodier. 2008. A full-wave two-dimensional finite- difference frequency-domain analysis of ferrite-loaded structures. 2008 Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Propagation and Electronics, MIC-CPE. 50) ———2008. A two-dimensional full-wave finite-difference frequency-domain analysis of ferrite loaded structures. International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves 29, (5): 443-456. 51) Albashaireh, Z. S. M., M. Ghazal, and M. Kern. 2008. Effect of dentin conditioning on retention of airborne-particle-abraded, adhesively luted glass fiber-reinforced resin posts. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 100, (5): 367-373. 52) Albiss, B. A., M. Gharaibeh, I. M. Obaidat, N. Al-Rawashdeh, R. Oweis, N. Hamdi, and M. K. H. Qaseer. 2008. Magnetotransport and structural properties of superconducting BPSCCO thick film on MgO substrate. Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials 205, (8): 1851-1854. 53) Al-Chalabi, L., and Y. Z. Mansour. 2008. A compensator for stabilized networked control systems. Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Modelling, Identification, and Control, MIC. 54) Al-Dwairi, Z. N. 2008. Prevalence and risk factors associated with denture-related stomatitis in healthy subjects attending a dental teaching hospital in north jordan. Journal of the Irish Dental Association 54, (2): 80-83. 55) AlEssa, A. H., and M. I. Al-Widyan. 2008. Enhancement of natural convection heat transfer from a fin by triangular perforation of bases parallel and toward its tip. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (English Edition) 29, (8): 1033-1044. 56) Al-Ghazawi, Z. D., and F. Abdulla. 2008. Mitigation of methane emissions from sanitary landfills and sewage treatment plants in jordan. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 10, (4): 341-350. 57) Al-Ghzawi, A. A. -M, and S. Zaitoun. 2008. Origin and rearing season of honeybee queens affect some of their physiological and reproductive characteristics. Entomological Research 38, (2): 139-148. 58) Al-Habashneh, R., S. H. Aljundi, and H. A. Alwaeli. 2008. Survey of medical doctors' attitudes and knowledge of the association between oral health and pregnancy outcomes. International journal of dental hygiene 6, (3): 214-220. 59) Al-Haidary, J., M. Al-Haidari, and S. Qrunfuleh. 2008. Effect of yttria addition on mechanical, physical and biological properties of bioactive MgO-CaO-SiO2-P2O5- CaF2 glass ceramic. Biomedical Materials 3, (1). 60) Alhamad, M. N., and M. A. Alrababah. 2008. Defoliation and competition effects in a productivity gradient for a semiarid mediterranean annual grassland community. Basic and Applied Ecology 9, (3): 224-232. 61) Alhamad, M. N., M. A. Alrababah, M. M. Bataineh, and A. S. Al-Horani. 2008. Environmental gradients and community attributes underlying biodiversity patterns of semi-arid mediterranean grasslands. Plant Ecology 196, (2): 289-299. 62) Al-Hammouri, A. T., Branicky, M. S., and Liberatore, V. Co-simulation tools for networked control systems.2008.
  • 5. 5 63) Al-Hussain, S. M., M. S. Al-Haidari, N. A. Kouri, F. El-Migdadi, R. S. Al-Safar, and M. A. Mohammad. 2008. Prevalence of mistreatment and justice of grading system in five health related faculties in jordan university of science and technology. Medical teacher 30, (3): e82-e86. 64) Al-Hussain, S. M., Q. A. El-Dwairi, Z. M. Bataineh, M. S. Al-Haidari, and J. Al-Alami. 2008. Golgi-type I and golgi-type II neurons in the ventral anterior thalamic nucleus of the adult human: Morphological features and quantitative analysis. Cellular and molecular neurobiology 28, (3): 411-416. 65) Al-Hussien, A. S., and M. M. Banat. 2008. Order statistics for correlated non- identically distributed random variables. International Journal of Modelling and Simulation 28, (3): 257-263. 66) Ali, H., M. Nazzal, A. -A A. Zaghloul, and S. Nazzal. 2008. Comparison between lipolysis and compendial dissolution as alternative techniques for the in vitro characterization of α-tocopherol self-emulsified drug delivery systems (SEDDS). International journal of pharmaceutics 352, (1-2): 104-114. 67) Ali, M. G., W. Mardini, Y. Khamayseh, and A. G. P. Rahbar. 2008. Improvements of using the WOMN system in communication. 2008 International Symposium on High Capacity Optical Networks and Enabling Technologies, HONET 2008: 226-232. 68) Al-Jarrah, J. A., A. F. Khadrawi, and M. A. AL-Nimr. 2008. Film condensation on a vertical microchannel. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 35, (9): 1172-1176. 69) Al-Jarrah, O., and R. Saifan. 2008. A novel key management algorithm in sensor networks. MoMM2008 - The 6th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia: 291-294. 70) Al-Jarrah, O. M., and B. H. Sababha. 2008. Parma: A power aware reliable multicasting algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks. International Journal of Computers and Applications 30, (3): 244-250. 71) Alkasawneh, W., A. I. Husein Malkawi, J. H. Nusairat, and N. Albataineh. 2008. A comparative study of various commercially available programs in slope stability analysis. Computers and Geotechnics 35, (3): 428-435. 72) Al-Khaled, K., M. Al-Refai, and A. Alawneh. 2008. Traveling wave solutions using the variational method and the tanh method for nonlinear coupled equations. Applied Mathematics and Computation 202, (1): 233-242. 73) Al-Khaled, K., and M. A. Hajji. 2008. On the existence of solutions for strongly nonlinear differential equations. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 344, (2): 1165-1175. 74) Al-Khaled, K., and A. S. Nusier. 2008. Numerical investigation for solitary solutions of the boussinesq equation. Applied Mathematics E - Notes 8, : 159-170. 75) Alkhamis, K. A. 2008. Influence of solid-state acidity on the decomposition of sucrose in amorphous systems (I). International journal of pharmaceutics 362, (1- 2): 74-80. 76) Alkhamis, K. A., M. S. Salem, and M. S. Khanfar. 2008. The sorption of ketotifen fumarate by chitosan. AAPS PharmSciTech 9, (3): 866-869. 77) Al-Khateeb, H. M., B. Albiss, F. Y. Alzoubi, M. K. Al-Qadi, M. K. Hasan, and N. Y. Ayoub. 2008. Levitation force between monolayer of magnetic particles and superconducting plane in meissner state. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 18, (1): 14-16.
  • 6. 6 78) Al-Khateeb, H. M., M. K. Alqadi, F. Y. Alzoubi, and N. Y. Ayoub. 2008. Levitation force between a small magnet and superconducting sphere. Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 21, (2): 93-96. 79) Al-Khateeb, T. H., and A. Alnahar. 2008. Pain experience after simple tooth extraction. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 66, (5): 911-917. 80) Al-Khateeb, T. H., and Y. Nusair. 2008. Effect of the proteolytic enzyme serrapeptase on swelling, pain and trismus after surgical extraction of mandibular third molars. International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 37, (3): 264- 268. 81) Al-Kuran, O., S. Beitawi, and L. Al-Mehaisen. 2008. Pelvic abscess complicating an in vitro fertilization pregnancy and review of the literature. Journal of assisted reproduction and genetics 25, (7): 341-343. 82) Allaboun, H., and A. Y. Al-Otoom. 2008. Energy requirements of using oil shale in the production of ordinary portland clinker. Oil Shale 25, (3): 301-309. 83) Al-Lawama, A., S. Malkawi, A. Al-Odienat, and F. Yanovsky. 2008. Models for mixed ensemble of hydrometeors and their use in calculating the total random cross section of a resolution volume filled by random scatterers. American Journal of Applied Sciences 5, (12): 1764-1768. 84) Allawzi, M., and M. I. Kandah. 2008. Parametric study of biodiesel production from used soybean oil. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 110, (8): 760- 767. 85) Al-Mahasneh, M., M. Al-Widyan, H. Ababneh, T. Rababah, and K. Ereifej. 2008. Grain dust as an energy and food resource. Natural Resources Research 17, (1): 13- 20. 86) Al-Mahasneh, M. A., H. A. Ababneh, and T. Rababah. 2008. Some engineering and thermal properties of black cumin (nigella sativa L.) seeds. International Journal of Food Science and Technology 43, (6): 1047-1052. 87) Al-Mahmoud, M., A. M. Massadeh, and R. A. Obeidat. 2008. Evaluation of cadmium, copper, lead, and zinc levels in soil samples near locust pods. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 39, (15-16): 2333-2342. 88) Al-Majali, A. M., K. M. Al-Qudah, Y. H. Al-Tarazi, and O. F. Al-Rawashdeh. 2008. Risk factors associated with camel brucellosis in jordan. Tropical animal health and production 40, (3): 193-200. 89) Al-Majali, A. M., N. O. Hussain, N. M. Amarin, and A. A. Majok. 2008. Seroprevalence of, and risk factors for, peste des petits ruminants in sheep and goats in northern jordan. Preventive veterinary medicine 85, (1-2): 1-8. 90) Al-Majali, A. M., K. Jawasreh, and A. A. Nsour. 2008. Epidemiological studies on foot and mouth disease and paratuberculosis in small ruminants in tafelah and ma'an, jordan. Small Ruminant Research 78, (1-3): 197-201. 91) Al-Majali, A. M., K. I. Jawasreh, H. A. Talafha, and A. Q. Talafha. 2008. Neosporosis in sheep and different breeds of goats from southern jordan: Prevalence and risk factors analysis. American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences 3, (2): 47-52. 92) Al-Majeed Al-Ghzawi, A., S. Zaitoun, and R. Al-Serhan. 2008. Effect of formic acid on the control of the bee parasitic mite varroa destructor under semiarid conditions. Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica 43, (1): 171-185. 93) Al-Mehaisen, L., O. Al-Kuran, Z. O. Amarin, I. Matalka, S. Beitawi, and A. Muhtaseb. 2008. Secondary postpartum hemorrhage following placental site vessel subinvolution: A case report. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 278, (6):
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