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Students try to expand a mural by adding a constant to each side, and by multiplying each side by a constant. Then they explore which types of situations in real life are really proportional, with lots of distractors included that really aren't proportional.
    How Do You Make a Mural? ALGEBRA 1 | MR. HALL 1). Below is the picture we’ll enlarge. Please measure the rectangles and squares that the dog is made of:2).The question is, how do you enlarge this picture of the dog without changing its shape? You need to dosomething to the measurements to make them bigger. What operations could you use to make themeasurements bigger  ?Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division (circle the correct choices) Tail:Height: _____Width: ______Body:Height: _____Width: ______Head:Height: 3 unitsWidth: ______Nose:Height: _____Width: ______ Example: Legs:Height: _____Width: _____   To check your theory, let’s do both and see which one makes the dog look right. We’ll add 3 to all themeasurements, and multiply 3 by all the measurements. Please fill out the table below:3). Part of Dog Original Measurements (from last page)  ADD 3 to the srcinalmeasurements  MULTIPLY the srcinalmeasurements by 3 Head Height: 3 unitsWidth:Height: 3+3 = 6 units  Width:Height: (3)(3) = 9 units  Width: Body Height:Width:Height:Width:Height:Width: Tail Height:Width:Height:Width:Height:Width: Legs Height:Width:Height:Width:Height:Width: Nose Height:Width:Height:Width:Height:Width:If your teacher is available, it’s a good idea to check your answers to #4 before you keep going.Next, your group is going to draw the dog with the new measurements.    Enlarging by Adding 3 to Each Dimension 4). Instructions: Draw the dog using the measurements where 3 has been added. The body has alreadybeen drawn. Its measurements are ____ by ____. Conclusions for Adding 3: 5). How does your dog look now? Please be specific—what parts look right or wrong?    Enlarging by Multiplying 3 by Each Dimension 6). Instructions: Draw the dog using the measurements that have been multiplied by 3. The body hasalready been drawn. Its measurements are ____ by ____. (You need to turn the paper sideways).
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