I Field Force Vietnam Lessons Learned 7 April 1969


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UNCLASSIFIED AD NUMBER AD501029 CLASSIFICATION CHANGES TO: FROM: TO: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL LIMITATION CHANGES FROM: Distribution authorized to U.S. Gov't. agencies and their contractors; Administrative/Operational Use; 12 FEB 1969. Other requests shall be referred to Office of the Adjutant General, Department of the Army, Washington, DC 20310. AUTHORITY AGO D/A ltr dtd 5 Nov 1974 AGO D/A ltr dtd 5 Nov 1974 THIS PAGE IS UNCLASSIFIED
  UNCLASSIFIEDAD NUMBERCLASSIFICATION CHANGESTO:FROM:LIMITATION CHANGESTO:FROM:AUTHORITYTHIS PAGE IS UNCLASSIFIED  AD501029UNCLASSIFIEDCONFIDENTIAL Approved for public release; distribution isunlimited.Distribution authorized to U.S. Gov't. agenciesand their contractors; Administrative/Operational Use; 12 FEB 1969.Other requests shall be referred to Office ofthe Adjutant General, Department of the Army, Washington, DC 20310. AGO D/A ltr dtd 5 Nov 1974 AGO D/A ltr dtd 5 Nov 1974  UNCLASSIFIED   AD   }   0^ CLASSIFICATION   CHANGED   TO:   UNCLASSIFIED-   FROM:   ONFIDENTIAL   AUTHORITY:   /?6-C   l r t)   M/CV   yy   UNCLASSIFIED    SECURITY   MÄRKING   The   classified   r   imited   status   of   this   eport   applies   to   ach   page,   unless   otherwise   marked.   Separate   page   printouts   MUST   be   marked   accordingly.   THIS   DOCUMENT   CONTAINS   INFORMATION   AFFECTING   THE   NATIONAL   DEFENSE   OF   THE   UNITED   STATES   WITHIN   THE   MEANING   OF   THE   ESPIONAGE   LAWS,   TITLE   18,   U.S.C.,   SECTIONS   793   AND   794.   THE   TRANSMISSION   OR   THE   REVELATION   OF   ITS   CONTENTS   IN   ANY   MANNER   TO   AN   UNAUTHORIZED   PERSON   IS   PROHIBITED   BY   LAW.    ·ã· THIS DOCUMENTIS BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. THE COPY FURNISHED TO DTIC CONTAINED A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF PAGES WHICH DO NOTREPRODUCE LEGIBLYo
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