I Field Force Vietnam Lessons Learned 2 February 1970


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UNCLASSIFIED AD NUMBER AD507309 CLASSIFICATION CHANGES TO: FROM: TO: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Document partially illegible. UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL LIMITATION CHANGES FROM: Distribution authorized to U.S. Gov't. agencies and their contractors; Administrative/Operational Use; 31 OCT 1969. Other requests shall be referred to Office of the Adjutant General, Department of the Army, Washington, DC 20310. Document partially illegible. AUTHORITY AGO D/A ltr dtd 29 A
  UNCLASSIFIEDAD NUMBERCLASSIFICATION CHANGESTO:FROM:LIMITATION CHANGESTO:FROM:AUTHORITYTHIS PAGE IS UNCLASSIFIED  AD507309UNCLASSIFIEDCONFIDENTIAL Approved for public release; distribution isunlimited. Document partially illegible.Distribution authorized to U.S. Gov't. agenciesand their contractors; Administrative/Operational Use; 31 OCT 1969.Other requests shall be referred to Office ofthe Adjutant General, Department of the Army, Washington, DC 20310. Document partiallyillegible. AGO D/A ltr dtd 29 Apr 1980 AGO D/A ltr dtd 29 Apr 1980  S E C U R I T Y   MARKING   The   classified   r   imited   tatus   f   his   eport   applies   to   each   page,   unless   otherwise   marked.   Separate   page   printouts   MUST   be   marked   accordingly.   THIS   DOCUMENT   CONTAINS   INFORMATION   AFFECTING   THE   NATIONAL   DEFENSE   OF   THE   UNITED   STATES   WITHIN   THE   MEANING   OF   THE   ESPIONAGE   LAWS,   TITLE   18,   U.S.C.,   SECTIONS   793   AND   794.   THE   TRANSMISSION   OR   THE   REVELATION   OF   ITS   CONTENTS   IN   ANY   MANNER   TO   AN   UNAUTHORIZED   PERSON   IS   PROHIBITED   BY   LAW.   NOTICE:   When   government   or   other   drawings,   specifications   or   other   data   are   used   for   any   purpose   other   than   in   connection   with   a   defi-   nitely   related   government   procurement   operation,   the   U.S.   Government   thereby   incurs   no   responsibility,   nor   any   obligation   whatsoever;   and   the   fact   that   the   Government   may   have   formulated,   furnished,   or   in   any   way   supplied   the   said   drawings,   specifications,   or   other   data   is   not   to   be   regarded   by   implication   or   otherwise   as   in   any   manner   licensing   the   holder   or   any   other   person   or   corporation,   or   conveying   any   rights   or   permission   to   manufacture,   use   or   sell   any   patented   invention   that   may   in   any   way   be   related   thereto.    ·ã· THIS DOCUMENT IS BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. THECOPY FURNISHED TO DTIC CONTAINED A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF PAGES WHICH DO NOTREPRODUCE LEGIBLYo  CONFIDENTIAL   DEPARTMENT   OF   THE   ARMY   OFFICE   OF   THE   ADJUTANT   GENERAL   WASHINGTON.   O.C.   20310   IN   REPLY   REFER   TO   AGDA   (M)   (27   Jan   70)   FOR   OT   UT   694290   February   1970   SUBJECT.   Operational   Report   -   Lessons   Learned,   Headquarters,   I   .eld   ^^   orce   Vietnam   Artillery,   Period   Ending   31   October   1969   (U)   ©   CO   CO   l.   Subject   report   is   forwarded   for   review   and   evaluation   in   accordance   i   with   paragraph   4b,   AR   525-15,   Evaluations   and   corrective   actions   should   be   reported   to   ACSF0R   OT   UT,   Operational   Reports   Branch,   within   90   days   of   receipt   of   covering   letter.   SEE   DISTRIBUTION   c   2   nformation   contained   in   this   repott   is   provided   to   insure   appropriate   benefits   in   the   future   from   lessons   learned   during   current   operations   and   may   be   adapted   for   use   in   developing   training   material.   BY   ORDER   OF   THE   SECRETARY   OF   THE   ARMY:   AJJ.   DT)   GV   *t4_   1   Incl   ENNETH   G.   W1CKHAM   as   ajor   General,   USA   The   Adjutant   General   DISTRIBUTION:   'Commanding   Generals   I'S   Continental   Army   Command   IS   Army   Combat   Developments   Command   I'S   Army   Materiel   Command   < o mmandants   I'S   Army   War   College   —   S   Army   Command   and   General   Staff   College   I'S   Army   Air   Defense   School   ' ■   ''S   Army   Armor   School   I'S   Army   Engineer   School   I'S   Army   Field   Artillery   School   I'S   Army   Infantry   School   US   Army   Missile   and   Munitions   School   US   Army   Ordnance   School   us   r y   ^ IportJurs^no:: 1   egraded   unclassified   when   separated   from   classified   inclosure.   CONFIDENTIAL  
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