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12. Lance Vance Part 8 * ************************************************* a. Blitzkrieg Strikes Again The Mendez Brothers are a wee bit peeved at your survival. Lance has gathered all of your good buddies you have picked up during the course of your adventure. Phil is there, and Umberto and they are all there to help you protect your businesses from the attacks the Mendez Brothers are sending out. If you want to have some fun, go into this mission with the newly aquired mini gun. This missio
  12. Lance Vance Part 8 **************************************************a. Blitzkrieg Strikes Again The Mendez Brothers are a wee bit peeved at your survival. Lance hasgathered all of your good buddies you have picked up during the course ofyour adventure. Phil is there, and Umberto and they are all there to helpyou protect your businesses from the attacks the Mendez Brothers aresendingout. If you want to have some fun, go into this mission with the newlyaquired mini gun. This mission is just like the first Blitzkrieg , onlythis time you are going to defend 3 businesses and you have only 7 and ahalf minutes to do it in. At least you will be defending the three closestones.Get to the first location and in addition to the timer, you'll have Lance'shealth meter on the screen. Pull out your mini gun if you brought it andsimply spray down the attackers. Make sure that Lance doesn't run betweenyou and your targets or you'll end your own mission in a heartbeat. If youdon't have the mini gun, pull out an assault rifle and go to town, autotarget your brains out and lay everyone down. When a carload of attackersshow up, you know this round is about to end. Kill the carload and you'llbe prompted to move on to the next business. Quickly shoot on over to thenext site that appears on your map and repeat as you did with the firstsite. Again, it will end with a carload of attackers. When it does, moveon to the third location and repeat exactly as before. Stop all threeattacks in the allotted time (you should have more than enough) and withLance's health intact (if you used the mini gun he'll barely have a scratchon him) and you will have successfully complete this mission. Reni willgive you a rather strange page, and his missions will again appear on yourmap. Diaz's missions will also be there, but for now let's finish up withLance and then we'll get Reni's final (thank GOD) missions out of the way.Reward: $700b. Lost And Found Louise is due to be released from the hospital, but Lance isn't interestedin taking part in the reunion claiming that he has business to attend to.You need to head to the marker at the hospital over in downtown to pick upLouise. If you want to see something kind of funny, run up to the policestation in Washington Beach and grab the helo off the roof to go pick herup. When you hover down over the marker to get her, you will switch to thecut scene of you and Louise making amends and the helo you flew over herewill be hovering above you with no pilot, sticking half in and half out ofthe hospital building. When the cutscene is over, run into the hospitalalcove and enter the marker to get up on the roof. (As you enter themarkeryou will probably see the helo you brought come crashing to the groundbehind you finally) Lance paged you during the cinematic to tell you thathe is trapped in a burning building and *SIGH* he needs you to save him.When you reach the roof of the hospital, climb into the Air Rescue helo andtake off to the east toward the marker for Lance's position. When youreachthe building, you will see your marker on the roof and Lance standing nearit. Quickly land the helo without hitting Lance with it, so he can get inbefore the roof collapses. Take off as soon as you have him.  You find that the whole idea of picking up Louise and trapping Lance wasnothing more than a diversionary tactic by your good buddy Martinez. Nowhe's got all your money and he is headed out to sea with it. Fly out totheeast over the water and follow the 3 red markers indicating Martinez'sboats. Keep an eye on the damage meter for your helo and get down low andto the left of the boats so Lance can shoot the occupants. Once again youhave to keep the helo from tilting too much, or else Lance will be offbalance and won't shoot, or will shoot with minimal accuracy. Start withthe boat furthest back and work your way forward until all the occupantshave been eliminated. When they have, hover Lance over the largest of thethree boats and he will drop down and drive the boat, and your money, backhome. With Lance out of the way, head back to the west and drop Louise offat her sisters apartment. They were even kind enough to leave you a largeenough spot in the middle of the road to land the helo. When Louise ishome, the mission is done.Reward: $1500************************************************** 13. Reni Wassulmaier Part 4 **************************************************a. So Long Schlong Mendez is just a tad upset with Reni for having put you in contact withRicardo Diaz, so he's sent some goons out to kill Reni. Reni has decidedthat the only way out is to once again have a sex change operation. Yes, Isaid again. Talk about confused. Anyway, Mendez's men are on their way tothe studio. Reni will leave and leave you to create a diversion while hetries to get to the hospital near the south bridge. You wait in the movielot and Mendez's men will start to enter the compound through the frontgateand through another opening in the corner of the lot. Stand between thetwohangers near the golf cart, and you will be able to see all of them comingno matter what point of entry they choose. You must not allow any of themto get to the hangers and discover that Reni is not there. Just keepback and forth and spraying the attackers with an assault rifle. Beforelong, Reni will page you and let you know that he has been trapped by agroup of Mendez's men. He is in an alley near the Malibu Club. Climb inthe Deluxo parked on the lot and notice that Reni's health meter hasappeared on the screen. Quickly drive to the new marker on your map tomeetup with Reni before he is killed. When you arrive, you find Reni corneredby four assassins. Barge in there, assault rifle in hand, and lay all ofthem down. Now you need to get Reni the rest of the way to the hospital.Grab a car that is in good shape (the one Reni was driving is probably nota good idea), and begin the trek to to the south to get to the hospital.Don't be afraid to pause and check your map for the best route, becausemoreof Mendez's men are going to come after you in vehicles, and they will berelentless. An option that you have to make this a little easier is to getback on the main road that runs in front of the Malibu Club and head south.The Washington Beach Police station is right in front of you as youapproachthe Y intersection, and what does any good police station have on its roof?Why a helicopter of course. Get around behind the building and up onto the  platform where they park the patrol cars and run your little asses up thestairs to get to the helicopter. Make it in there and you've got it made.Rise up and away from your attackers and just cruise on over to thehospital.When Reni is safely at the hospital, you have completed the mission.Reward: $1000************************************************** 14. Ricardo Diaz Part 2 **************************************************a. Domo Arigato Domestoboto Lance needs to clear up a debt with Diaz, and in order to do so, he needsto destroy Mendez's bearer bonds. Lance can't do this, of course, becausehe seems to be wasted, so you are going to have to. (It sincerely PAINS meto know we can't kill this son of a bitch during this game!) Except forthefact that you are saving Lance's ass again, this mission is nothing shortofa riot! I had more fun on this mission than any other in the game. Driveout to Mendez's mansion and climb into the Boxville truck that is parkedoutin front. You have now hacked in to Mendez's new toy, the Domestoboto.Youare in control of this device and you have a camera view of what the robotsees as you drive it around Mendez's house. The robot has severaldifferentarms that perform different functions which you will learn how to useshortly.The object here is to find Mendez's safe which you will do by using therobots Comms arm (or by reading this walkthrough since I'm about to tellyouwhere it is). Periodically you will have to stop your mission to perform atask that Mendez will bark out to you. When he does, you will have a timelimit to finish the task. If you don't complete the task within the timelimit, Mendez will destroy the robot and the mission will be failed. Whenyou are not performing a task, you should have the Comms arm selected. Thecloser you are to the safe, the faster it will beep. To make the searchless frustrating than it was for me, you have to enter the store room onthefirst floor and then go through the door on the right. Enter the bluemarker that you will find there to go to the basement. When you appear inthe basement, go straight ahead and a little to the right. You won't beable to miss the safe since it looks like an industrial freezer.When you have to stop to perform tasks for Mendez, he will randomly ask youto do a few certain tasks. He may ask you to clean a room, in which caseyou must select the cleaning arm, go to the specified room and simply driveover the piles of dirt marked with green arrows. (You can tell if a taskison the first or second floor by looking at the markers on your radar afterthe task has been assigned. Go to the second floor by entering the bluemarker at the bottom of the stairs at the end of the hall.) Mendez mayalsoask you to light his cigar, in which case you switch to the lighter arm and  pull up to the marker beside Mendez. After each task, you will again havesome more time to work on the safe.*****Mendez NEVER asked me to do any tasks with the very funny pleasure arm ,but if you want to see some funny stuff, take the time to go upstairs andapproach each of the girls lying on the beds with the pleasure armselected.They give you some pretty good comments.*****When you are in front of the safe, you must have the Comms arm selected towork on the combination. As you scroll through the numbers, there is acolor coded indicator near the top of the screen which will give you hintsas to how close you are. A light blue indicator means that you have acorrect number, but it is in the wrong position, a green indicator meansthat you have a correct number in the correct spot, and if the indicator isgray, it means you have the wrong number altogether. You have 20 attemptsto get the correct code. If you don't get it after 20 attempts, Mendezwill destroy the robot. Keep in mind that while you are trying to crackthecode, you will frequently be interrupted to do tasks for Mendez, so youwillhave to keep coming back and forth.The other option is that you can just read this walkthrough and put in thecode 8423 and be done with it. when the correct code is entered and thedoor of the safe swings open, switch to the robots lighter arm and roll onup to the bearer bonds. They will be set ablaze, the mission will becomplete and Mendez will destroy the robot anyway. It really doesn'tmatteranymore. When the mission is over, if you haven't already, you might bereminded that you are sitting in a vehicle needed at the Civil AssetForfeiture compound, and if you are like me, I looked everywhere for thisdamn thing, so take it on down and turn it in. There is one final Renimission to do that only qualifies as a Reni mission because SHE brieflyappears in it, so let's get it done and clear up another issue while we'reat it.Reward: $2000************************************************** 15. Reni Wassulmaier Part 5 **************************************************a. In The Air Tonight Reni needs to be picked up from the hospital. HER operation was a successand she's decided to head to Europe to start her career in the pornindustry.You need to take her to the airport.****NOTE: I would very much like to have you readers write to me and tellme how this next part went for them, because what happened to me and whatissupposed to happen are apparently two very different things. I've beentoldthat you are attacked by Mendez's goons on the way to the airport, and if
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