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  Duenas 1 Nguyen 1   Samantha Duenas Nancy Nguyen Ms. El-Atrache US History 11 December 11 2017 Annotated Bibliography Primary Sources Brown, John. (1828) “Diary Entry Of Child Workers During The Industrial Revolution.” Diary Entry Of Child Workers During The Industrial Revolution - Essay - 1073 Words, These quotes talk about the dangers children go through when working in factories. They experience far more greater dangers than the public realize. Not only fo they have to wake up early and go home late, but everyday, they face the possibility of an injury or even death. When these innocent children would come late, they would face punishing, such as a lashing. They are not treated as children, but slaves. These primary quotes from people who lived during child labor helps me see what it is really like for children and adults to experience the effects of child labor. Child Labor Act. United States Code , vol. 12, 2017, sec. 1200.  Explora , Great Neck Publishing, Accessed 2 Nov. 2017. This source is a court case regarding child labor during 1918. It reviews the dangers of having children work and the lawyer emphasizes the physical lasting damage that children   Duenas 2 Nguyen 2 can acquire. Key information in this case is that this is an appeal case, which suggests that this topic was not popular and the opinion of child labor was favorable, contrasting to the lawyer which defends the child workers. The physical damage which affected the children is important to consider as they are the future of the country but they are getting hurt. This gives me an understanding of the opposition of child labor and the general views on child labor. This also has me understand the process of attempting to change laws and the difficulty to do so.   “Hard Times Cotton Mills Girls, Excerpt 1.” Smithsonian Source , 2007, . Kids are prepared to work in mills and do work that adults do. They are only paid a small sum, barely enough to pay for board where they stay and work It's so unjust that a child's future is taken away from them to be replaced by adult work. These young kids should be pursuing an education to make a change in the world not waste their time working for someone else. This source helps me get an idea unjust children go through. Hines, Lewis Wickes.  Lad Fell to Death in Big Coal Chute [Chauncy, Pennsylvania]. Jan. 1931, . Accessed 13 Nov. 2017. Arthur Allbecker, a 15 year old boy, was employed as a breaker boy in the mines. He ended up falling in a chute and died. Businessmen are cruel for not putting into account the potential dangers these children are exposed to everyday. Kids are dying from work in these mines and other workforce, but as long as businessmen are making profit and benefiting from the kids, they don't care. This source shows the extreme consequences of child labor.   Duenas 3 Nguyen 3 Hine, Lewis Wickes. Dec. 1908.  Historical Boy's Clothing , 7 Mar. 2009, Accessed 8 Dec. 2017. Five children are shown to be standing in front of Lancaster Cotton Mills during December 1908. The children look very underdressed and one child does not have any shoes on, despite the various objects that are all over the floor. Key information from this photo is that the children appear to be very young, maybe as young as seven years old. With the poor conditions of the factory, including the cotton all over the floor and the poor ventilation system, the children may not be able to avoid having an accident, which might cripple them for life.This source can further help me , as it is a visual representation of the hardships that child laborers had to endure, which gives a representation of some of the other documents. It can further prove that child labor is a major problem, and then point out how it can be fixed, which is presented in the project. Porter, William . (1884) “Diary Entry Of Child Workers During The Industrial Revolution.” Diary Entry Of Child Workers During The Industrial Revolution - Essay - 1073 Words, These entries are of first hand experiences of children during the industrial revolution. There is barely any break and they are paid very minimally. They are not able to go out and play like the rest of the kids but are locked up in a factory. This is the only way kids from poor family can manage to earn a living, hindering their chances of getting a proper education and job. These entries help give me knowledge from the first hand experiences of children who went through child labor.   Duenas 4 Nguyen 4 Secondary Sources Child Labor Act. United States Code, vol. 12, 2017, sec. 1200. Explora, Great Neck Publishing, Accessed 2 Nov. 2017. The main idea of the Child Labor Act is to state the consequences of violating the Child Labor laws. It includes taxes and other consequences that follow the violation of the Acts. I learned the strict consequences of having children working for you and how motivates one to break that law. It fits in what I know because in the past, children were allowed to work at a very young age and they would work in very unsafe conditions, so with these strict laws, it would make that the companies would not commit those crimes or make their workplace safe so children of fourteen and above can work. This will help with my project by broadening my understanding of concrete laws that helped shape the country today compared to 100 years ago.   Child Labor Overview. // Salem Press Encyclopedia , January. EBSCO host , Child labor was considered normal and right until the mid-1800s, but with the introduction of the Industrial Revolution from Europe to the U.S. and awareness of working conditions for children, concern rose. Legislations and requirements were set out to compromise a this conflict like prohibiting children in mines and setting specific requirements like age for children as employees. I used to think that actions against child labor wasn't taken until the mid 1900's, but now I know that they tried to take actions against it as early as 1842. This
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