FS 7 Episode 7: Preparing My IM's


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FS 7 Episode 7: Preparing My IM's Prepared by: Ms. JAMAICA OLAZO Want to ask a copy on this, just reach me on my fb account: https://www.facebook.com/jamFeb25 DON'T FORGET TO HIT LIKE or LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. Thanks :)
  • 1. At the end of the activity, I should be able to:  Prepare instructional materials for classroom instruction.  Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness in preparing instructional materials.  Take snapshots of varied instructional materials used in the cooperating school. 5 Outstandin g 4 Exceeds expectations 3 Meets expectation s 2 Improvement needed 1 Unacceptable performance My Tasks My Activities My Analysis My Reflections My Portfolio Average Rating (Total Score / 5) Total Score
  • 2. Print - materials that has been printed or published. Print materials: textbooks, magazines, booklets, brochures, newspapers, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Maps, Short Stories, Pamphlets, Bulletin Non-print - are materials (often works of art) that convey meaning without the use of printed text. Non-print Materials: charts, models, posters, graphics, games, pictures, globe, flannel board, real objects, electronic resources, electronic books Electronic - are those materials that need to be operated or manipulated. Electronic Materials: tape recorder, video tapes, television, radio, DVD player, overhead projector, computers
  • 3. Lessons/ Activities Instructional Materials Other Materials which can still be utilized
  • 4. suited to the needs and capacity of my pupils. Attractiveness, clarity of the printed words, neatness, variation of the materials should also be considered in order to sustain interest and focus of the pupils to the lesson taught. teaching would be very easy and learning would immediately take place. Teaching device is also a way to motivate the learners to be attentive and monitor their assimilation of the information inculcated in them.
  • 5. Total Score: _____42_____ Average: ____4.2____ Are my instructional materials… 5 4 3 2 1 1. appropriate to the development of the learners?  2. aligned with objectives?  3. easy to prepare?  4. durable/sturdy?  5. appealing to the learners?  6. highly interactive?  7. colourful  8. easy to manipulate?  9. practical/ useful  10. less expensive/economical?  I am able to produce colorful and highly interactive IM’s during my demonstration which help promote student learning.
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