FS 7 Episode 4: Getting to Know the Classroom Routines


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FS 7 Episode 4: Getting to Know the Classroom Routines Prepared by: Ms. JAMAICA OLAZO Want to ask a copy on this, just reach me on my fb account: https://www.facebook.com/jamFeb25 DON'T FORGET TO HIT LIKE or LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. Thanks :)
  • 1. At the end of the activity, I should be able to:  Observe the classroom routines performed by my cooperating teacher and my students  Record important notes during the observation.  Assist the teachers in establishing/ doing the classroom routines. 5 Outstanding 4 Exceeds expectations 3 Meets expectations 2 Improvement needed 1 Unacceptable performance My Tasks My Activities My Analysis My Reflections My Portfolio Average Rating (Total Score / 5) Total Score
  • 2. I want to employ proper routines and procedures which would serve as the pupils’ guideposts in doing the tasks assigned to them. Unbiased and constructive approach in implementing discipline towards them as well as setting rules and regulations in the classroom should also be established. the learners would know how to manage their time efficiently on their own. They would also be able to develop independence and sense of responsibility which would somehow help them as they make decision and build their future.
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