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20 11 ED ITI ON Freeing the Grid Best Practices in State Net Metering Policies and Interconnection Procedures 2011 Edition Freeing the Grid Best Practices in State Net Metering Policies and Interconnection Procedures October 2011 Available as a free download: The Vote Solar Initiative 300 Brannan St, Suite 609 San Francisco, CA 94107 tel: 415 817 5062 Network for New Energy Choices 215 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1001 New York, NY 10016
  Best Practices in State Net Metering Policiesand Interconnection Procedures Freeing the Grid 2     0     1     1      E     D     I     T     I     O     N       Freeing the Grid Best Practices in State Net Metering Policies and Interconnection Procedures 2011 Edition Octer 2011 Ave   ree w: www.reegtegr.rg he Vote Solar Initiative 300 Br St, Sute 609S Frcc, CA 94107te: 415 817 5062@vter.rg www.vter.rg Network for New Energy Choices 215 Lexgt Aveue, Sute 1001New Yrk, NY 10016te: 212 726 9161@eweergycce.rgeweergycce.rg A prgr  GRACEcek.rg Project Managers  Su Cp, Te Vte Sr Ittveu@vter.rg Je Re, Netwrk r New Eergy Cce je@eweergycce.rg Contributing Authors  I R E C (IREC):   Jep WeT Cuey  T V S I:  Su CpR Jck N C S C:  Lure Vr N  N E C:   Je Re Endorsed By   Te Sr Ace Te Sr Fut Design Kte Sweet Special hanks Fr revewg  prvg vue cet ugget r t et, te utr wu ke ttk Ruty Hye, Ic Pzre, R Me,Kye R,  J Keye. Note:  Tis report was prepared with the best inorma-tion available at the time o writing. We welcome any new inormation and comments as we strive tomake each edition o Freeing the Grid as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Any errors or omissions are the responsibility o the authors.Some o the state data and grades rom past years were updated. Tus, the scores and grades in this editionmay not always agree with what was published in previous editions o this report. In a reassessment o what constituted “statewide policies,” we determined that some state policies that were graded in the past did not meet regulatory merit. As such, some states that were graded in past editions did not receive a grade in this edition.  © 2011 GRACE A rgt reerve  [ 1 ]Freeing the Grid 2011 Table of Contents  A Nte Aut te 2011 Et: 3  A Brwg, Executve Drectr, Te Vte Sr IttveItruct t te 2011 Et 5 Metrc  Succe 11 Grg 25  Wrt Prctce 77 I Fcu: Sty CrgeI Fcu: Vrg Sty CrgeI Fcu: New Mexc Acce FeeBet Prctce 81 I Fcu: DewreI Fcu: Cuty Reewe—Expg te Beet  Net MetergMe Rue 85  Appex A:Net Meterg 86 Itercect 88  Appex B: 90 Itertte Reewe Eergy Cuc’ 2009 Me Net Meterg Rue Me Itercect Prceure Appex C: 91  Arevt  Acry Aut U 93    [ 2 ]Freeing the Grid 2011   “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What asource o power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out beore we tackle that.”  —homas Edison
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