Free Cell and the Keys to the Universe


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  FreeCell and The Keys to the Universe --©2007 J.Hamiltonwww.visionarieslab.comBy J.HamiltonI do not think there is anything more powerful or simple than the computer gameFreeCell as a personal growth learning tool. The computer itself is a close second, butnothing can match FreeCell for its simplicity in teaching us about how we interface withthe world – truly a world of our own making.What makes FreeCell so interesting is that solutions show up that are often notdiscerned by the initial interpretation or perception of the layout of the cards. In otherwords, solutions appear where none appear available – if you will allow them. One canmindlessly play FreeCell and quickly move the cards around and win by happenstanceor rote skill, or one can learn how to play the game and let the solutions show up –guided by subtle receptivity. I have learned how to let the game win itself by learninghow to contribute to the game in the subtlest of manners. Where once a solution wasnot apparent, suddenly a solution can pop to the surface or take itself to its inevitableconclusion if I would but take the time and conscious space to allow this to happen.One can consistently experience what appears to be unexplainable in this simplest of computer games. This is an excellent metaphor for life: where once one could not see a solution, asolution will appear if we will allow it to appear. In other words, solutions are available if we will let them take place. I played many, many games of FreeCell during the writingof my book Visionaries Thrive In All Times which consistently counseled me thatthere were always solutions and possible outcomes where none seemed to exist. And,it was in the playing of this game that I carried myself through a very lean 25-months of writing the manuscript, ultimately stretching to a 45-month period guided only by thepossibilities of solution. This is what FreeCell can teach. This was how I made itthrough the rarefied and magical writing experience to a finished book. FreeCellcontinually reminded me of the magic that lay just beyond my ordinary gaze – that therewas more order than I could, by myself, perceive.When one finds oneself stymied in a game of FreeCell (or game of life), stop and walkaway before you do too much damage to the game you are playing. Come backanother day or in another mood or mindset and see how the game changes. Stay out of the mindless emotion/ego of the game and right before your eyes the game will take onanother perspective and meaning. Invariably, you will see a way to continue the game;a way to play that you could not see before. As you learn to discern that the win isalways right in front of you and takes but a different perspective to see it, you can beginto apply this to other areas of your life. Learn to slow down until you discern thesolution and then move forward. The solution is always there.Interestingly, you can discern your state of your mind, mood and Momentum* by thecards drawn at the beginning of a game. You are far more likely to create a wining  hand (see the solution to the game) when you are in good spirits. Try playing when youare down vs. up and notice the difference in the games won and lost. Try playing whenyou have consumed alcohol or other medications. Once you discern that solutions arebut a perception away, you are on your way to a more useful contribution to your ownworld and by extension, the whole world. The keys to the Universe can be found in thegame of FreeCell.Further, it appears that unless you are willing to go right to the edge, solutions (the bigunfoldings) will continue to evade your perception. FreeCell is a safe place to discernpatterns and recognize their existence; something almost imperceptible until you learnhow to play the game. It can have a profound effect on your life.Namasté For more (Receptivity)   Consulting    About the author. J.Hamilton has been meditating for 36+ years and teaching personal empowerment for 18+years. His book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times: Blueprint for Reality Creation (2005) is about thepossibilities of individual and collective reality creation in alignment with Innate Intelligence.He is completing a new book titled 52 Weeks of Visionary Focus , excerpts of which are available each monthin theVision Newsletter. His discoveries around nonresistance and witnessing life smile by smile by smile have become woven into these passages. He has also recently completed (Jan 09) an eBook titled Coherence Resonance Training for the purpose of identifying access to nonresistance and the resultant Innate Guidance that becomes available. Key words:nonresistance, mindlessness, Innate Guidance, timelessness, solutions and timeliness.LinkJ.Hamilton is available for consultation and can be reached through his website atwww.visionariesLab.comor directly at  * Chapter 11 Momentum For more information about FreeCell, the computer game, please go 
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