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  Rev.A  Calculation No. CA-CCK-VNT-TK-001 Engineering By. C.C.K Engineering and Conctruction Co.,ltd. Title : Storage Tank Cone Roof for Hydrogen peroxide 50%sulution Project: Fabrication Storage Tank H202 Client:Prepared By: Mr.Kriengsak R. Date: 28.06.12 Check By: Mr.Thiphanath S. Date: 28.06.12  Approved By: Mr. Thongchai Th. Date: 28.06.12  Note::  This calculation sheet for Bidding only do not use for constructionA K.R/28/06/12T.S/28/06/12  TH.T/28/06/12 Rev No.By./DateCheck/DateAppv/Date Design Calculations Description For BiddingVinythai co.,ltd  Rev.APage 1/10 INDEX SHEET NO.DESCRIPTIONPAGE NO. 1Index12Design Criteria & References23Design Data34Allowable Stress Calculation45Shell Thickness Calculation56BottomPlate Thickness67Roof Plate Thickness7-88Referance 9-10 Design Calculations  Rev.APage 2/10 DESIGN CODES Addendum2 November 2009 Appendix S REFERENCES a. Client's Tank Specification sheet DESIGN PHILOSOPHY All components of the tanks are designed in accordance withShell is designed as per one Foot method.Fixed Roof Design as per Appendix F. Other Reference design :  n/a   Design Calculations API-650 API-650 11TH EDITION. NOV 2009 Static DesignDesign criteria and References API-650 11TH EDITION. JUNE 2007  Rev.APage 3/10 DESIGN DATA  Design Code  API-650 11TH ED. Applicable AppendixBasic Design & App. S,E,MAppendix Mapplicable Yes  Tank nominal diameter (Uncorroded)D960 mm  Tank heightHt1,400 mm Hydrotest levelHoh1,400 mm Min. Filling LevelHmin- mm Normal Filling Level9,500 mm Design liquid Level1,400 mm Maximumcapacity of TankCl. working capacityCl. temperatureTd(max)60.0 C Design pressureFull Water +Pi50.0mmH 2 ODesign vacuumpressureFull Water +Pv25.0mmH 2 OOperating pressureatmosphericPo0.0mmwc Operating temperaturemax To41.0 C Specific gravityG1.400Hydrotest temperatureAmbient Tht40 C  Joint Efficiency0.70Insulation thickness0mmDensity of Insulation Material0Kg/m3RadiographyNo required as per table S-4Corrosion allowance ( Bottom)- mm Corrosion allowance ( Shell & Internals)3.00 mm Corrosion allowance (Roof & Structural)3.00 mm  MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION ShellAll coursesA240-GR-316LBottom/ Roof PlateA240-GR-316LPlatform/Ladder SteelN/ANozzle PipesA312 GR TP316LNozzle FlangesA240-GR-316LManhole Neck and coverA240-GR-316LBolting for nozzleSS304Bolting for manholeSS304External attachments / padsA 36Anchor BoltSS400 Design Calculations
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