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This includes all the information and forms needed for a student to attend Falls Creek with NLBC.
    ! #$ &'()) *+#,-.(/01,-. 2'3 4-05. 6$71890-91+# 6$9 0# :+0;8 <$:+0$ ! #$ & 2&33 =-9$ 6$71890-91+# 6$9 0# :+0;8 <. ! #$ &>  ! #$%& (%)*#+ &(*% ) ,,- .#$$/ 0123  Falls Creek is the largest Christian camp in the world. Nestled in the Arbuckle Mountains in southern Oklahoma, Falls Creek has been in operation since 1917. It is a distinctively Christian camp, upholding high moral standards and challenging students to follow Christ every day. Falls Creek is unique in that it is a place where over 100 churches come each week to hold their own camp week. Each church secures a cabin, provides its own sponsors and meals, enforces the camp dress code and code of conduct, and teaches its in-cabin bible study and devotions. The focus of our teaching in 2018 will be building maturity through spiritual disciplines. The focal verse is Philippians 1:6 “And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus.”If you would like to look in or listen to some of the camp services, you may go to www.skopos.org/fallscreek/media for audio of the services from past summers. We also provide a live stream of the Evening Worship Service during the summer on weeknights from 7:30-9:00pm, available at www.skopos.org/fallscreek/livestream.You may also see copies of the provided camp Bible studies at www.skopos.org/resources. HOW TO PRAY THIS WEEK Your student(s) need to know that you and your church are praying for them as they spend the week at camp. We encourage you to pray each day specifically for your child and at least one other student on the trip. You may want to meet once during the week as parents to pray specifically for the group. Please pray for the safety of the camp, camp leadership, sponsors, and for the specific daily events as they happen. RECREATION Volleyball, softball, kickball, horseshoes, zip lines, high and low ropes course challenge elements, skateboarding, hiking, running, kayaks, lake park, water slides, and swimming are options for the week of camp. In addition to these camp-wide recreation venues, each church designs its own recreation plan for its group. If you would like more information about Falls Creek recreation you can go to www.skopos,org/ fallscreek/around-grounds or email youth@bgco.org. INSURANCE & FIRST AID Accident and illness insurance is provided for all those attending Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center. Most injuries or illnesses that occur during the week of camp are covered by insurance. Accident and illness insurance benefits are limited and payable up to a certain amount. The insurance coverage includes accidents and illness that occur during regularly scheduled activities on the grounds of Falls Creek. This insurance coverage also includes the time spent traveling directly between the Conference Center grounds and the camper’s residence. Day trips or other activities off the Conference Center grounds are not covered. To apply for accident and illness insurance benefits, a claim report must be completed and submitted to the insurance provider. The claim report form may be obtained at the First Aid Station at Falls Creek. For claims submitted to the accident and illness insurance company, the injured/ill person is responsible for making payment to the medical provider (hospital, ER, doctor, etc.). If coverage applies, the insurance company will issue reimbursement directly to the injured person, parent, or guardian, as the case may be, for approved claims.  A 2018 RELEASE FOR MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EACH CAMPER AND SIGNED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN   . This information is helpful to the camp physician in ministering to an injured or ill person.Most minor injuries or illnesses are taken care of in the church cabin. However, if medical attention should be required, the sponsor (or an adult appointed by the sponsor) should come with the patient to the First Aid Station. If the illness or accident should be of a serious nature, patients may be sent to a hospital or doctor in a nearby town. WHAT IS FALLS CREEK?  4 (,5 -.6$47,$  MONDAY  1:00-4:00pm Registration (North tabernacle entrance)5:45pm Dinner6:30pm Seat Reservations (South tabernacle entrance)6:30pm Invitation Training (Chapel exterior doors open at 6:15pm) repeats on Tuesday  6:55pm Tabernacle Doors Open7:00pm Pre-Session Entertainment/Camp Orientation7:30pm Evening Worship Service10:15pm Evening Cabin Devotional11:45pm Inside Cabins TUESDAY - FRIDAY  6:15-7:30am Daybreak (Tuesday Only see page 33)8:00am Breakfast8:40am Quiet Time9:00am Daily Sponsor Update (Chapel exterior doors open at 8:50am)9:10am Doors Open for Morning Worship Service (All campers, same seats as the night before)9:30am SURGE - Morning Worship Service Kick-off10:00am Middle School (MS: 7-8) dismissed to Event Center for LAUNCH High School (HS: 9-12) remains in tabernacle auditorium for JOURNEY  Next Chapter (Graduates) dismissed to Chapel10:10am Morning Worship Service begins10:50am MWS Dismisses11:15am In-Cabin Bible Study12:00pm Lunch1:30pm Recreation & Free Time4:30pm Seat Reservations (South tabernacle entry)5:45pm Dinner6:45pm Sponsor Seating (South tabernacle entry)7:00pm Tabernacle Doors Open7:30pm Evening Worship Service10:15pm Evening Cabin Devotional11:45pm Inside Cabins SPENDING MONEY  Extra spending money is suggested for each student who attends Falls Creek. Pop, ice cream, and other refreshments will sold between sessions and in the evening throughout the week. T-shirts, devotionals, journals, and many gift items are available at the Falls Creek Gift Shop. All of these are optional expenses. MAIL & PHONE CALLS Incoming mail is sorted and delivered to cabins daily. Mail sent to campers should be addressed: Camper NameChurch Name/Cabin NameFalls Creek Baptist Conference Center6714 HWY 77DDavis, OK 73030-8002 FALLS CREEK OFFICE PHONE NUMBER (580) 369-2101In the case of an emergency please use this number. VISITING FALLS CREEK If you drive in for a day at Falls Creek, there will be a $3 charge per person for the day or individuals may purchase an activities pass for $10 (BGCO) or $16 (Non BGCO). An activities pass will be required to participate in walk-up recreation (tournament play is not included). Each driver will also be required to present a valid driver’s license for entry into camp. These are day charges only. Any visitor staying overnight will be subject to additional charges including the cost of a mandatory background check. A reminder, all guests visiting Falls Creek must adhere to the dress code.Falls Creek Baptist Conference CenterOwned and operated by theyBaptist General Convention of Oklahoma 3800 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112Falls Creek Conference Center website, www.fallscreek.orgFalls Creek Program website, www.skopos.org/fallscreek ) ,,- .#$$/ .*4$ *) .*%47.&  GENERAL PURPOSE Falls Creek youth weeks are planned for students who have completed 6th through 12th grade. The code of conduct for Falls Creek is intended to assist the many diverse churches and students at camp to have a safe and enjoyable camp experience, while growing in their faith. Falls Creek is a Christian camp designed to help students and adults know and follow God, so the code of conduct prioritizes personal encouragement and issues related to a student’s faith development in Jesus. Falls Creek does not condone or encourage any activity on grounds that would humiliate any camper, including initiation, hazing, and/or pranks. Furthermore, Falls Creek will not tolerate any activity that would harm any camper such as violence or abuse. MODESTY/PDA  Believing that modesty extends beyond the dress code, Falls Creek asks that students refrain from PDA (Public Displays of Affection). Church sponsors should be diligent to communicate this guideline to their students. CURFEW  At 10:15pm, all students should be back at their cabin and should not be outside their cabin without a sponsor until after 6:30am. Groups are allowed to meet around the perimeter of their cabin during late night devotional times, but a sponsor should be with the group at all times and extra care should be taken so other groups are not disturbed. Groups/individuals must be inside their cabin by 11:45pm.  VEHICLES ã Recreation vehicles for living or sleeping purposes are permitted only in designated areas and must register in advance with the Conference Center. ã Unnecessary and careless traffic is prohibited on Falls Creek grounds. ã Only Conference Center operated golf carts, utility carts, or low speed vehicles (LSVs) are permitted.ã Delivery trucks are not permitted during summer camp weeks except to supply Conference Center-owned concessions. ã All passengers must be seated in a vehicle according to its designated capacity—no passengers are allowed in pickup beds or in the back of vehicles with hatch doors raised. ã All cycles (uni-, bi-, or tri-) are prohibited on the grounds. Violation of this policy could result in confiscation of equipment. Motorcycles may only drive to and from the gate to their cabin or meeting place. CELL PHONES Falls Creek asks that church leaders make determinations regarding their students’ use and possession of cell phones. NOTE: The majority of group leaders limit the time students are allowed to use their cell phones each day in order to cause less distraction from the camp experience. CAMP REQUIREMENTS ã Students are required to attend both the Morning and Evening Worship Service each day.ã Sponsors from each church are responsible for enforcing the code of conduct and camp dress code for their entire group (students, sponsors, and guests) and for handling discipline issues within their group. » Courtesy Crew will be on duty 24 hours per day. Courtesy Crew, when called upon, will assist the adult leadership of any cabin in dealing with discipline problems that may arise. Although the Courtesy Crew is specifically assigned to the duty of enforcement, all Falls Creek Staff members are authorized to enforce the code of conduct, dress code, and policies of the Conference Center. Please respect all Falls Creek Staff. ã Church groups must sit together at all worship services. If the group is too large to find a single location for everyone, the group should divide into smaller groups with adult sponsors in each group. ã All guests are required to show proof of registration or ID to enter or re-enter the Conference Center grounds. Day guests should leave grounds by midnight. CAMP PROHIBITIONS ã Students will not be permitted to leave the grounds unless accompanied by a sponsor. ã No bands or instrumental groups are allowed to perform outside their cabin walls, except for groups that are an official part of the weekly programming for the whole camp. ã Headset listening devices and sound systems may be used only inside cabins. ã Excessive volume from a cabin is not permitted since it can disturb other cabins. Please check with the Falls Creek office, located in the Jordan Welcome Center, if there is an issue.ã No product sales are allowed at Falls Creek unless they have secured a contract through the Conference Center. ã Use or possession of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco of any type is not permitted on the grounds. This includes e-cigarettes or other facsimiles. ã The possession of offensive weapons of any sort is prohibited at Falls Creek. Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center reserves the right to perform a random drug and weapon search at any time and confiscate items that distract from the camp goals or that violate the code of conduct of the camp. ã Open flame items (other than grills) such as campfires, tiki torches, etc., are not permitted on grounds, unless prepared and supervised by the Conference Center.ã Pets/animals (other than service dogs), fireworks, rock throwing, water fighting, laser pointers, and shaving cream fights are prohibited on the grounds. ã Masks or any other disguise over the face cannot be worn by anyone outside of their cabin. ã For the safety of all guests, skates, roller-blades, and skateboards are permitted only in the SwiftSkate Park area and only at designated times. ã No wading or swimming is allowed in the creeks or lake unless there is a Falls Creek lifeguard present. No swimming/wading pools are allowed at cabins.ã No camera drones or remote controlled flying devices may be operated on grounds without expressed permission from the Director of Conference Centers and the Falls Creek Program Director.
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