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      F   a   c   u    l    t    y     o    f     A   r   c     h    i    t   e   c    t   u   r   e       r      e      s      e     A      r     c      h       l      e     A      d      e      r      s    :        f        a          k         a                         h    o                       P            d      &       r                a                    c    o    u                           r      e      s      e     A      r     c      h      c     o      u      n     c      i      l    :        P        o      .      A             y          a                         d    o      b      b                                      P            d ,        i                   e          b    a     ,        i    p          k      G    u                   ,        f        a          k         a                         h    o                       P            d ,        P        o      .       v                                  n    a                ,        l    a        a       s                          j                    P            d ,        r    u                  s         o    u                     P            d ,        m    a                 -      t           é          è                 a           t          o    o           P            d ,        P        o      .       h              k       v                                       P            d ,        t              o         a                         v    o    o                     P            d  14 facUlty of architectUre 1.2 sa  a  The principal societal concern addressed by theFaculty’s research is ‘quality of life in buildings,cities and regions’. This quality of life is relatedto various issues such as aesthetics, energy ef-ficiency, land-use efficiency and value creation. Itaffects the life styles of individuals and the social,economic and territorial cohesion of communities. 1.3 P The Faculty of Architecture at Delft Universityof Technology is one of the largest architecturefaculties in Europe with more than 3,000 studentsand around 250 full time equivalent (FTE) scientificstaff. Traditionally a high percentage of thescientific staff are also practitioners. Well-knowndesigners such as Jo Coenen, Tony Fretton,Dick van Gameren, Winy Maas, Michiel Riedijk,Kas Oosterhuis and Dirk Sijmons conduct researchand teach at this faculty. This produces innovativeand revolutionary architects, building engineers,urban designers and managers. 1.4 ra aa The specific characteristics of the faculty’sresearch are referred to by the concept of ‘design-oriented research’. Central to the discus-sion on ‘design-oriented research’ is the level of scientific rigour of the design activities. Theseactivities involve building theory, appropriateresearch methods, communication patterns,scientific critique, and so on. This scientific rigour,however, has to be balanced with specific con-textual demands of this field such as reflectionand creativity in the design process. The conceptthus encompasses a broad typology of researchactivities situated on an imaginary axis rangingbetween intuitive design on the ‘art’ side of theaxis towards optimizing scientific research on the‘science’ side of the axis. This broad typology isreflected in the various ways in which the conceptof ‘design-oriented research’ is defined by thedifferent Research Groups. The followingcategories of research can be distinguished: 1.1   v,  a bj v: The vision of the ‘Architecture and the BuiltEnvironment’ Research Portfolio is to consolidatethe excellent international academic reputationof the Faculty of Architecture as a leadingdesign academy; to be an international platformfor innovation in architectural design, buildingengineering, urban planning, landscape architectureand management for the built environment; and tobe a platform for the debate on current and socialthemes in architecture and the built environment. M: The Faculty’s mission is to educateleading international Master’s and PhD studentsabout architectural design, building engineering,urban planning and management for the builtenvironment; to perform excellent and innovativedesign-oriented research; to transfer its know-ledge through its Bachelor’s and Master’s degreeprogrammes, through journal articles and bookpublications, exhibitions and events, andthrough consulting. obj: The faculty’s objective is to playa key role in the cluster of architectural andurban design industry in the western part of theNetherlands, and develop a strong internationalpresence, exploiting the reputation of Dutch archi-tecture and spatial planning and the significance of the Randstad as a leading European region. Objectives andresearch area 1  15 1. evaluation research, which is characterisedas the empirical study of existing objectsand processes. It analyses the effects andconsequences which manifest themselvesonce architectural objects or processes havebeen realised. 2. historical research, which interprets,understands and explains designs, while takingsite characteristics into account. 3. conceptual research is exploratory and experi-mental and aims at innovative, revolutionaryconcepts, manifestos and visions of the builtenvironment. 4. practical research is research done foreducational purposes and for professionalpractices and refers to the research architect’sneed to find optimum solutions for certainbuilding assignments.The Faculty of Architecture comprises sevenresearch groups (including one joint groupwith OTB). tab a. ra gp dePArtmentsreseArch GrouPsleAders ArchitectureArchitecture l sj PD & tm am PD ®MIT & IHAAUDesign & History M-téè  t PD & c W PD Building TechnologyComputation & Performance rud su PD & P. Jp Pu PD Green Building Innovation P. ad  d Dbb PD UrbanismUrbanism P. v nd Real Estate & HousingInnovations in Managementof the Built Environment P. h Wmk PD & P. h d J Housing Quality P. hk v PD & v gu PD  16 facUlty of architectUre
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