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English words from Arabic origin
  http://www.zompist.com/arabic.html   English Words from Arabic this list isn't exhaustive-- the OED has over 900 words; but the others are obscure (wordslike enam, sulham, zibib ). I've omitted speculative and less likely derivations, and alsowords borrowed in ancient times from some unspecified Semitic language (e.g. cumin,myrrh, sesame ). I've also omitted Arabic place names, but included a few astronomicalnames.After a second hyphen I give (if possible) the further derivation (Greek, Persian, etc.), orthe verbal root (glossed as an infinitive; but the citation form of Arabic roots is actuallythe 3sg past).Some words are borrowed directly from Arabic; but most of these words have taken thescenic route, through Spanish, Italian, and/or French; or through Turkish, Persian, orUrdu; or through Hebrew or Latin. This produces a good deal of phonologicaldeformation; as does the dialect variation within Arabic.The transliteration is an adaptation to html, while we're waiting for the Unicoderevolution... the bolding and commas represent emphatic consonants; h'  and ` are thepharyngeal approximants; ' is the glottal stop; : represents length.--M.R. admiral - ami:r-al-bahr  'ruler of the seas' (and other similar expressions) - amara  command adobe - al-  t oba 'the brick' albacore - al-bukr  'the young camel' alchemy - al-ki:mi:a: - from Greek  alcohol - al-koh''l 'the kohl ' alcove - al-qobbah 'vault' - qubba vault alembic - al-ambi:q 'the still' - from Greek  alfalfa - alfas,fas,ah 'fodder' algebra - al-jebr  'reintegration' -  jabara reunite Algol - al-ghu:l 'the ghoul ' algorithm - al-Khowarazmi 'the (man) of Khiva' alkali - al-qaliy 'calx' - qalay fry, roast Allah - `a ll  ah , from contraction of  al-ilah 'the god' Almagest - al-majisti - from Greek  almanac - (Andalucian Arabic) al-mana:kh , of uncertain srcin amber - `anbar  'ambergris'  antimony - al-íthmid  'antimony trisulphide' - perhaps from Greek  apricot - al-burquq - from Greek  Arab - `arab arsenal - dar as,s,ina`ah 'house of making', i.e. 'factory' - s,ana`a make   artichoke - al-kharshu:f    assagai - az-zaghayah - from Berber assassin - h'ashsha:shi:n 'hashish eaters', from the Isma`ili sectarians attar - `itr  'aroma' ayatollah - 'ayatu-llah 'miraculous sign of God' azimuth - as-sumut  'the paths'; see also zenith   azure - al-lazward  'lapis lazuli' - from Persian barbican - (possibly) bâb-al-baqara 'gate with holes' berdache - (possibly) bardaj 'slave' Betelgeuse - bi:t al-jauza:'  'shoulder of the Giant' bezoar - bazahr  - from Persian bint - bint  'daughter bled - balad  'vast open country' borax - bu:raq - from Persian burka - burqa` burnouse - burnus   caliber - qali:b 'mold, last' - calico - Qaliqu:t  'Calicut', city in India caliph - khali:fah 'successor' - khalafa 'succeed' camise - qami:s 'shirt' - from Latin camphor - ka:fu:r  - from Malay candy - short for 'sugar candy', from sugar + qandi 'candied', from qand  'cane sugar' -from a Dravidian language carat - qi:ra:  t 'small weight' - from Greek  caraway - alkarawya: - probably from Greek  carafe - gharra:f  - gharafa 'dip' carmine - qirmazi: 'crimson' carob - kharrubah cassock - kaza:ghand  'padded jacket' - from Persian check - sha:h 'king' - from Persian checkmate - sha:h ma: t 'the king is dead' chemistry - see alchemy   chess - from Old French eschecs , plural of  checkcipher - s,ifr  'empty' civet -  zaba:d  coffee - qahwah   Copt   - quft  - from Greek  cork - qu:rq cotton - qutn    couscous - kuskus - kaskasa pound, bruise crimson - qirmazi: , related to the qirmiz , the insect that provided the dye Deneb -  d  anab al-jaja:ja 'tail of the hen' dhow - da:w dinar - di:na:r  - from Greek    dirham - dirham - from Greek  dragoman - tarjuma:n - tarjama interpret   drub -  d  araba 'beat' dura mater - Latin calque on umm al-ghali:  d  ah 'hard mother' efreet - 'ifri:t  'monster' El Cid - al-Sayyid  'the lord' elixir - al-iksi:r  'philosopher's stone' - from Greek  emir - ami:r  - amara command fakir -  faqi:r  'poor man' -  faqura be poor fardel -  fardah 'load' Farsi - Fa:rs 'Pars', a province of Iran - from Persian fatwa -  fetwa - fata: instruct by a legal decision   fedayeen -  fida:'iyi:n 'commandos' -  fida:` redemption felafel -  fala:fil fellah -  fella:h'  'husbandman' -  falah'a till felucca -  fulk  'ship' -  falaka be round Fomalhaut -  fum u'l-haut  'mouth of the fish' garble - gharbala 'sift' - perhaps from Latin gazelle - ghaza:l genie -  jinni: 'spirit' gerbil -  yarbu:` ghoul - ghu:l 'demon' - gha:la take suddenly giraffe -  zara:fa hadith - h'adi:  t   'tradition' haj - h'ajj 'pilgrimage' - h'ajja go on a pilgrimage halal - h'ala:l 'lawful' halvah - h'alwa:   harem - h'aram 'prohibited, set apart' - h'arama prohibit hashish - h'ashi:sh 'dried herbs, hemp' hazard -  yásara 'play at dice' hegira - hijrah 'departure' - hajara separate, go henna - h'enna:`   Hezbollah -  H'izbulla:h 'party of God' hookah - h'uqqah 'water bottle (through which smoke is drawn)' houri - h'u:r al-`ayu:n 'with eyes like gazelles' - h'awura have eyes like gazelles  imam - ima:m 'leader' - amma precede Islam - isla:m 'submission' - aslama submit oneself   jar -  jarrah 'large earthen vase'  jasmine -  ya:smi:n - from Persian  jinn -  jinn 'spirits', plural of  genie julep -  jula:b 'rose water' - from Persian Kaaba - ka`bah 'square house' kabob - kaba:b - from Persian kaffir - ka:fir  'infidel' - kafara conceal, deny keffiyeh - kaffi:yah khamsin - khamsi:n 'fifty (days)' kismet - qisma 'portion, lot' - qasama divide kohl - koh''l 'kohl' - kah'ala stain, paint Koran - qura:n 'recitation' - qara`a read lilac - li:la:k  - from Persian lemon - laymu:n - from Persian lime   - li:mah 'citrus fruit' loofah - lu:fah a plant whose pods were used as sponges lute - al-`u:d    macramé - miqramah 'striped cloth' magazine - makha:zin 'storehouses' - khazana store Mahdi - mahdi:y 'one who is guided aright' - hada: lead majlis - majlis 'council' mancala - mank.ala - nak.ala move marzipan - mawthaba:n 'coin featuring a seated figure' mask - perhaps maskhara 'buffoon' - sakhira ridicule mattress - ma  t rah 'place where something is thrown, mat, cushion' -  t arah'a throw minaret - mana:rah - na:r  fire mohair - mukhayyar  'choice (goats'-hair cloth)' - khayyara select monsoon - mausim 'season' - wasama mark  mosque - masgid - sagada worship Mozarabic - musta`rib 'would-be Arab'muezzin - mu'adhdhin 'criers' - adhana proclaim mufti - mufti: 'one who gives a fatwa ' mujahedeen - muja:hidi:n 'figher in a  jihad ' mullah - mawla: 'master' mummy - mu:miya: 'embalmed body' - mu:m '(embalming) wax' Muslim - muslim 'submitter' - aslama submit oneself  muslin -  Maus,il 'Mosul'
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