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  • 2. 2 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING AND DESIGN FOUNDATION IN NATURAL BUILD ENVIRONMENT PRESENTATION TITLE: Research Unit For Modern Architecture Studies In Southeast Asia GROUP MEMBERS: Names Student I.D Research Report Roles Teo Vi Vien 0321645 Comparative analysis, Presentation Slides, Grammar Checker, Overall Report Checker Hirendran Sivaganam 0319894 Artistic Cover, Description of Business,Video Editing, Presentation Slides, Grammar Checker Jacquelyn Vanessa 0320021 Description of Business,Grammar checker, Key Summary, Presentation Slides Chong Zhao Lun 0320408 Recommendation, Bibliography, Attachment, References, Presentation Slides Teo Kuo Chien 0320195 Cover page, Table of Contents, Interview Questions, Presentation Slides Ng Kim Wing 0319704 History of 2 Businesses,Presentation Slides Choo Zi Zhao 0320498 Layout checker, Comparative analysis, Presentation Slides Jonathan Lim Wei Jun 0321119 Presentation Slides, Grammar Checker ENGLISH II / ENGLISH 2 (ELG 30605 / ENG 0205 ) LECTURER : CASSANDRA WIJESURIA SUBMISSION & PRESENTATION DATE: 1 JUNE 2015 ( MONDAY ) CONTENT
  • 3. 3 Key summary………………………………………………………………......4-5 History of two businesses……………………………………………………...5-6 Description of business……………………………………………………….7-11 Comparative analysis of business…………………..……………………….12-17 Recommendation…………………………………….……………………....18-20 Bibliography…………………………………………………………………….21 Appendixes…………………………………………………………………..22-24 Minute of Meeting…………………………………………………………...25-26 Interview Questions………………………………………………………….27-35 Reference…………………………………………………………………….36-37 Key Summary 1. THE BARS Hong Kong Bar and Luna Bar are the names of the two bars our group selected that is situated in two different states. The bar that we visited first was ‘Hong Kong Bar’, which is located in Georgetown, Penang. Hong Kong Bar is the first and oldest bar in Penang, which was
  • 4. 4 established in the year 1980 and was renovated in the year 2004 after it was caught in a tragic fire accident. Whereas for Luna Bar that is located in Kuala Lumpur city, it happens to be the first rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur and is situated on the 34th floor of Pacific Regency Hotel. 2. THE TEAM (BARSTERS) Our team consists of 7 people that are gifted with various skills and abilities, which makes the completion duration of the tasks at hand shorter than expected. The whole team was present at both of the interviews, which is excellent because that means everyone has a clear explanation and an in-depth understanding of the interview as well as the gory details about each of the businesses. All of the roles and tasks were divided equally in order for our teammates to have a balanced work done as well as contribution. History of The Business Bar Hong Kong Bar Luna Bar Founder Mr Tan Cho Khen and Mdm Yeoh Sze Hoon Mr. Lim Kwong Hing Current Management Ms.Jenny Mr.Roslan
  • 5. 5 Establish Year 1980 2004 Brief History on Hong Kong Bar Hong Kong Bar used to be a popular bar in Penang due to the fact that it was the very first bar in Penang back in the olden days. Initially, Mr Tan Cho Khen and Mdm Yeoh Sze Hoon who were born and raised in Hong Kong came down to Penang. The purpose of this was because they wanted to start a bar business. Hence, the establishment of Hong Kong Bar in the 1980s and that was basically how Hong Kong Bar got its name. Customers who goes to Hong Kong Bar are mostly foreigners because Penang used to be a colonial territory by the British. Unfortunately, a tragic fate struck Hong Kong Bar one day when a fire accident happened in the middle of the night in the year 2004. After the tragedy, Hong Kong Bar was renovated but sadly the business went down hill and a diversity of competitors climbed above the shoulders of Hong Kong Bar. Until this day, their bar menu still remains the same. Also, to give the bar a historical and nostalgic touch, the owners of the bar collected military training badges given by a group of soldiers that came to Malaysia for training every six months since the year Hong Kong Bar got established. The owners also snap and collect photos of every customers who goes to Hong Kong Bar since the day they started their business, and keeps it in over a hundred albums for remembrance. Currently, the bar is handled by the Lim Family.
  • 6. 6 History Brief for Luna Bar Luna Bar is one of the well-known bar in Kuala Lumpur since the year it was established, which was the year 2004. Luna Bar is Kuala Lumpur’s very first rooftop bar that is located above the Pacific Regency Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on the 34th floor. Luna Bar is founded by Mr. Lim Kwong Hing. On this present day, the bar has been in the business industry for 11 years. Initially, the Pacific Regency Hotel was built without Luna Bar. But due to the fact that the hotel customer statistics rapidly increased, the founder of Pacific Regency Hotel decided to establish Luna Bar to add entertainment in the hotel. Years later, the bar grew better financially and so the management decided to add a restaurant next to the bar for additional profit. The signature feature of the bar is the magnificent view of the Petronas Twin Tower. Description of Business 1. The Hong Kong Bar, Penang The Hong Kong Bar is located off Chulia Street in George Town, Penang. It’s a small but homely bar that serves a wide variety of alcoholic beverages as well as non-alcoholic beverages. It has a very classic rustic ambiance with some old interesting decorations and it is perfect for tourist who are looking to grab a drink and just relax. The Hong Kong Bar is ran by the Tan siblings, Mr. Peter Tan and Ms Jenny Tan with the help of a part time employee occasionally. The business was originally founded in the 1980s by their parents Mr Tan Cho Khen and Madam
  • 7. 7 Yeoh Sze Hoon. They bought over the business from a previous owner and turned it around to cater for the local and foreign customers. They have a wide variety of customers, mainly foreigners from different countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, and New Zealand. It is quite clear that The Hong Kong Bar is not doing too well for itself compared to the other bars around the area. When asked about the stiff competition in the bars and pubs industry, Ms Jenny simply states that, it is very competitive especially with bars along the same road. However, The Hong Kong Bar has the benefit of legacy and old reputation to bring in customers. Mr Peter and Ms Jenny try to attract customers with old family charm and entertainment. They give their customers personal attention to make them feel more welcomed and comfortable. Ms Jenny will serve regular customers with whatever she has cooked for the day or whatever treats she has. She wants their customers to receive an honest, simple to goodness, Penang homely treatment. One of their strategies to stand out from other bars is their Autograph Book. Mr Tan Cho Khen was started the Autograph book and Photo Album in the 1980s and until today it is still being carried on by Mr Peter and Ms Jenny. Every guest that visits the bar, gets to sign the autograph book and have their picture taken for the photo album. Some even have their pictures on the wall. Overall, The Hong Kong Bar is a good hangout spot to meet locals and foreigners, share stories, experiences and also enjoy refreshing beverages.
  • 8. 8 2. Luna Bar, Kuala Lumpur Luna Bar is an open-air entertainment place that is specially for those who are fueled with the eagerness to loosen up and drink, or to have a wide and clear view of Kuala Lumpur city. It is situated on the rooftop of Pacific Regency Hotel, specifically on the 34th floor. Luna Bar’s opening hours from Sunday to Thursday is from 10a.m. until 1a.m. the following morning. As for
  • 9. 9 Fridays, Saturdays and the eve of a public holiday, opening hours is from 10a.m. to 3a.m. The bar has a swimming pool that is most of the time filled with floating balloons and also a DJ room for invited DJs to work their magic on the turntable to amplify good music through the speakers. The bar is also filled with cushioned seats with a satin covering, to correspond with the comfortableness of the guests. During the night, minimal amount of light can be seen surrounding the whole bar to give that eccentric nightlife feel, and only a faint amount of blue, purple and yellow lights are illuminated throughout the bar. The bar itself also has an indoor fine-dining restaurant called Cristallo di Luna that opens only from 6:30p.m. to 10p.m. In the year 2004, one of the key founders, which was Mr. Lim Kwong Hing decided that Kuala Lumpur needed a thrill and that he wanted to try something new and so he decided to enter this rooftop bar business - Luna Bar. He wanted a bar that not only offer drinks, but also serves food and snacks as well as a fine-dining restaurant. Basically, that is what Luna Bar serves until this day. What most people do not know about Luna Bar is that it is the very first rooftop bar located in Kuala Lumpur where it still remain in operation. Unfortunately in this modern and competitive generation, competition gets higher and higher each year. Now, the amount of rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur have increased and Luna Bar’s major competitors are Marini’s on 57, Skybar in Traders Hotel as well as View @ G Tower. To handle the competition’s business, Luna Bar create more promotions and advertises their bar, as well as come up with new products every month to satisfy the needs of their customers.
  • 10. 10 Luna Bar has no branches, and so the customers who goes to Luna Bar are mostly foreigners who stays in the hotel that is located below the rooftop bar, as it is convenient for them. The amount of customers that visits Luna Bar varies according to the events held in the bar or during festive seasons. The busiest hour, also known as the peak hour is around midnight to 2 in the morning, which most of the time is filled with drunkards or guests who are slightly more intoxicated than they should be. Comparative Analysis of the Businesses’ Competitive Traits Hong Kong Bar & Luna Bar 1) Nowadays, “bar” themed businesses are very prevalent and popular amongst the younger generation. Both Hong Kong Bar and Luna Bar face a lot of competitors in their respective
  • 11. 11 geographical markets. Hong Kong Bar is an old-fashioned bar that promotes a friendly atmosphere and friendly customer service. Not only that, neighbouring shops have converted their previous businesses to a similar theme as Hong Kong Bar such as The Press Bar, Gwen Houze Bar, Long Bar Penang, and many more. On the other hand, Luna Bar is a modern-themed bar. Luna Bar promote their business by offering discounts and an enjoyable atmosphere. Some competitors that Luna Bar faces are bars such as Olive Lounge bar, Metropol Gourmet Bar, Atmosphere Bar and so on. 2) The top competitors for Hong Kong Bar is Reggae Bar which is just few blocks away from Hong Kong Bar. The Gwen Houze bar and Coco Island Pub are also top competitors because they provide more entertainment compared to Hong Kong Bar. Reggae Bar is a bar located just behind Hong Kong Bar, and are not just popular for their drinks but also for their food. They hired a famous chef to serve their customers with exquisite gourmet food while amplifying soothing dinner music to entertain their patrons. Not only that, Coco Island is a pub that provides music and a dance floor for the use of their customers. Coco Island Pub is popular among the younger generation, however Hong Kong Bar has a more classic environment that suits the older generation better. Besides that, the Gwen Houze Bar is a luxurious bar that serves customers who are seeking for a high-class atmosphere, hence the price in the Gwen Houze Bar is slightly pricey. Furthermore, Luna Bar has also been threaten by their own competitors such as Marini’s on 57, located at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Sky Bar that is located at the Traders Hotel and Mai Bar,
  • 12. 12 located at the Aloft Hotel. Marini’s on 57 bar is insanely famous due to the fact that they have hosted a number of events that included celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Formula One drivers - Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, former English footballer and manager - Glenn Hoddle, LPGA stars - Paula Creamer and Michelle Wie. That somehow promoted the image and name of the bar through photos on their social media pages and also news articles. Other than that, Sky Bar is a glamorous cocktail lounge on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Its centrepiece is a pool bordered by cabanas on one side, and a bar on the other. They would have resident DJs spinning techno music at Sky Bar most of the time to fuel the adrenaline of the customers. But for Mai Bar that is situated on the 30th floor of Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral, it has a spacious rooftop and poolside bar that offers a wide array of alcohol and unique cocktails with resident and guest DJs playing cutting edge music. A great place to unwind and watch the sunset in Kuala Lumpur. Guests can also enjoy happy hour promos from 5p.m. until 9p.m. 3)Hong kong bar survived in this field about 65 years ago. Hong kong bar is a historical bar and be honor as the friendly bar ever. Hong kong bar was located heart of the city, a shop where most of the visitor will passed by. Wall is fully hanging with metal badges and the historical of Hong kong Bar. Mostly of the soldiers who been dispatched to penang will come to this bar to have a drink. Every time when they finished their duty and ready to go back their motherland, they will spend their last night at Hong Kong bar and give their badge to owner as memorizes. All the visitors will be serve with friendly and passion by owner. The owner will seeking the comments from the visitor and it will be written on book.
  • 13. 13 Luna bar is a high class rooftop bar that has been running for 11 years. Luna bar is known as the first rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur. The stylish and trendy setting of the bar is popular amongst the younger generation. With a good drink, enjoyable music and stunning view, this place has been voted as one of the best rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur by various blogs. Besides that, Luna bar is located at the rooftop of Pacific Regency hotel where hotel guests can enjoy a few drinks during their visit to the hotel. A fusion concept fine dining restaurant, Cristallo di Luna, is located just next to the open air bar for customers to dine-in. Luna Bar also invites DJs to spin, especially on weekends when the place is packed with people. Another main feature of the bar is the swimming pool located in the middle of the bar. Luna bar also hosted some events such as gold party, white - bikini party and so on. 4)It is relatively hard to be recognised in this industry for beginners where they have to start from scratch. There are many obstacles they have to face when starting a bar. For instance a beginner has to fork out a huge sum of money to start this business. From renting a space at a strategic location to the bar equipment. Besides that, a bar has to be unique and extraordinary so that it can attract customers. Secondly, the location of the bar is crucial. Most of the popular locations have been fully rented or sold out. Without a good location, it is very hard to start a bar due to its high maintenance and extensive choice of alcohol. Lastly, the environment of the bar is one of the key criteria to consider when setting up a bar. Customers expect a comfortable yet trendy ambience when they step into a bar especially when they are paying a good sum of money for a couple of drinks.
  • 14. 14 5)The nature of market of both bars are monopolistic competitive. Monopolistic Competition is a market structure where many businesses sell products that are similar but not identical, for example, bookshops, restaurants and CD stores. The characteristics of a monopolistic competitive firm include many producers and many consumers in the market where no business has total control over the market price, few barriers of entry and exit, no interaction between firms, producers have a degree of control over the price of products or services and firms trying to bind customers to their respective firms. Both Luna bar and Hong Kong Bar share the same characteristics as mentioned above. Both of the bars have control over the prices of the beverages sold where both businesses face a downward-slopping demand curve, which means the price of the product or service and demand in the market moves in opposite direction, the higher the price, the lower the demand and vise versa. Every monopolistic competitive firm follows the monopolist’s rule of maximizing profit. Both the bars set the prices of their products based on the demand curve to ensure that customers will continue purchasing their products with the amount priced by the firms. Due to the mark up strategy both of the bars use major advertising such as promotions and events so that their brand is known to the public. Besides that, having a uniqueness to the setting or product attracts customers to make frequent visits. „ 6) Similarities Location Heart of the city Target Customers Foreigners Motives Provide a comfortable setting for customers to enjoy a drink
  • 15. 15 Transportation Travel by car Type of beverage alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks Differences Differences Hong Kong Bar Luna Bar Food services Only provides alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks Provide fine-dining food, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks Music system Does not have a music system installed in the bar Have a good music system installed in the bar. (Also has a DJ booth for invited DJs to spin on the turntable.) Interior design Has a rustic interior design with faded coloured walls Has a modern interior design filled with classy equipment and fancy furnitures Entertainment Does not provide any entertainment for guests Provides a swimming pool for guests, as well as a stage and DJ booth that will be used during events by performers Space Very cramped with tables and chairs Very spacious and there is a wide walkway for guests to walk through Number of staff Only have 1 to 2 staff members, which are the owners of the bar Have more than 20 staff members that are divided into different jobs and responsibilities
  • 16. 16 Price Cheap Expensive 7)After thorough research on both of the bars, Luna bar is definitely much more commercialised and successful compared to Hong Kong bar. First and foremost, the number of customers per day has a vast difference where Hong Kong bar only relies on Militaries from Britain and Australia as their main income to sustain the bar whereas Luna bar cater events for up to hundreds of guest and the place is usually crowded during the weekends even when there are no events going on. Besides that, the space in the bar has a drastic difference where Luna bar has a swimming pool, DJ turntable, platform stage, an extensive bar counter and sofa seats whereas Hong Kong bar only has a bar counter and a few seats. Last but not least, Luna bar is much more popular and earns a higher revenue compared to Hong Kong bar where the profit gained is just to sustain the place.
  • 17. 17 Recommendations Based on our research and analysis from these two bars, which is Luna Bar and Hong Kong Bar, we came up with a few recommendations to improve their businesses for the satisfaction of customers in general. A. Luna Bar Current Area of Improvement Recommendations Lack of available spaces for customers The bar needs to extend their space for customers to roam around easily without feeling claustrophobic. The outdoor swimming pool should be replaced with just an empty space for more seats and tables. They can also change the indoor restaurant to become a bar too, so that the people will not have trouble when it
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