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EDLD 5306 Concepts of Educational Technology Week 4 Assignment Miguel Leija EDLD 5306/ Date: 06/29/09 Instructor: Daryl Ann Borel Overview Conducting an effective interactive meeting online requires many of the same steps as a faceto-face meeting—minus the travel time. In your reading, “E-Communications 101,” Gwen Solomon advises that “time-tested tactics include assigning roles, creating and sticking to an agenda, accepting all input respectfully, and making sure there is follow-through on act
  EDLD 5306 Concepts of Educational Technology  Week 4 AssignmentMiguel LeijaEDLD 5306/ Date: 06/29/09Instructor: Daryl Ann BorelOverview Conducting an effective interactive meeting online requires many of the same steps as a face-to-face meeting—minus the travel time. In your reading, “E-Communications 101,” GwenSolomon advises that “time-tested tactics include assigning roles, creating and sticking to anagenda, accepting all input respectfully, and making sure there is follow-through on actionitems.”In this week’s assignment, you will continue to work in the wikispace you created as youcollaborate with colleagues to establish a timeline and develop and finalize an agenda for thefirst interactive meeting of your online learning community.  Rubric  EDLD 5306 Concepts of Educational Technology  Use the following Rubric to guide your work on the Week 4 Assignment. Tasks  Accomplished10  The evidencesuggests that thiswork is a “Habit of Mind.” Theeducator is readyto mentor others inthis area. Proficient8  The evidencesuggests thatperformance onthis work matchesthat of a strongeducator. NeedsImprovement6  The evidence doesnot yet make thecase for theeducator beingproficient at thistask. Developing aMeeting Timeline Student posts ameeting timelinethat reflectscollaboration withcolleagues.Student posts ameeting timeline.Meeting timelinenot posted. Developing aMeeting Agenda Student posts aspecific, thoroughagenda related toimprovingtechnologyintegration oncampus; agendareflectscollaboration withcolleagues.Student posts anagenda related toimprovingtechnologyintegration oncampus.   Meeting agendanot posted, orincomplete. AssignmentMechanics Responses arerelevant to coursecontent; no errorsin grammar,spelling, orpunctuation.Responses arerelevant to coursecontent; few errorsin grammar,spelling, orpunctuation.Responses do notreflect knowledgeof course content,lack clarity anddepth, and/orinclude multipleerrors in grammar,spelling, andpunctuation,including APAerrors.  EDLD 5306 Concepts of Educational Technology  Week 4 Assignment, Part 1: Developing a Meeting Timeline For the first part of this week’s assignment, you will work collaboratively with the colleagues who joined your wiki space during Week 3 to establish a timeline for the first interactive meeting of your online learning community.To complete this assignment: ã Before you begin, access the video, “Wiki in Plain English” athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY to obtain more information about wikias a tool for collaboration. Share the link to “Wiki in Plain English” with members of your wiki space. ã Enter the following address into your address bar: http://www.wikispaces.com ã To add a new page, under “Actions,” click on “New Page.” Enter the name of your page.The name should relate to the group’s first task—setting a timeline for contributing toand finalizing the agenda. The newly created page will automatically be listed on the leftside, under “Navigation.” ã Suggest a proposed start and end time for collecting the group’s input on the agenda.Then request input from the wiki members on the proposed timeline.Copy and paste the collaborative timeline from your wiki page here. Link: http://bisdtechnologybysara.wikispaces.com/Timeline+for+Agenda+Collaboration Timeline for contributing to and finalizing the agenda 1. Detailed Timeline - Sara2. Purpose - Miguel3. Objective - Sara and Ruth - Sara: I really am pleased with our objective. Are wedone with the agenda or is there anything else we need to do regarding theobjective? Ruth 06/28 3:38 pm I think we can be done with the objective. We just need to read over the other posts andmake sure everything aligns well. Sara4. Activities - DavidGot It I will post by Sunday night----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have copied and saved all the edits previously on this page in a Word document. I willemail it to all if you would like it. Per a suggestion by David, I have assigned everyone atask. I hope this will help us flow smoothly. I will create the timeline and post below. Iwould also suggest that we try to make our focus somewhat specific. Please remember that this should be an agenda we would be following during a meeting. We need onepurpose to focus on. The objective will take that purpose to an even more detailed level.The actvities can be creating a shared vision (suggested in the assignment instructions)as well as others we would normally discuss in a face to face meeting. Everything shouldrevolve around integrating technology.  EDLD 5306 Concepts of Educational Technology  Timeline:Friday and Saturday: Draft your idea for your task.Sunday: Post your draft on the agenda page in blue. Please read each other's drafts andmake comments/suggestions in red. This will help us know what to finalize on Monday.Monday: Finalize the agenda based on Sunday's comments/suggestions.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would love to see us have everything finalized by 5 pm Monday.Thanks!Sara Sara, since we are working from your space you are facilitatator. Please assigntasks for the members and we can come together monday an finalize.Possible Assignments1. Detailed Timeline - Sara2. Purpose - Miguel3. Objective - Sara and Ruth4. Activities - DavidWe can all take credit for the collab. and then post it on all our wikis. Thanks,DavidFriday 2:16Monday 6/29/09...I am back. I just finished w/ the purpose. If it is unclear let me know as i am stillrevising and see what changes i can possibly make. Also thanks for the ideas onestablishing the purpose. ...Att. Miguel Leija - Sara if you are going to email word document copies, myemail ismaleija@my.lamar.edu... Thank you. Miguel: What word documents is that? Do we all need copies? Thanks. Ruth06/29 6:58 pm**Hmmm...Sorry Ruth...I misread what Sara mentioned. I believed she mentionedthat she saved previous edit postings on word... Otherwise we just copy andpaste this agenda timeline and the agenda into our own wiki-space, and of courseinto our week 4 assignment...
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