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Men Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness A thesis presented to the faculty of Department of Biological Sciences College of Science and Mathematics MSU- Iligan Institute of Technology Iligan City by Cecil Roumel S. Marzon May 2009 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Study Reproductive health is the term used to cover all areas relating to reproduction, from sexual health of couples’ choice in the timing and the size for the family. For the last 15 years have witnessed increasing global
  Men Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness A thesis presented tothe faculty of Department of Biological SciencesCollege of Science and MathematicsMSU- Iligan Institute of TechnologyIligan City byCecil Roumel S. MarzonMay 2009  CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of Study Reproductive health is the term used to cover all areas relating toreproduction, from sexual health of couples’ choice in the timing and thesize for the family. For the last 15 years have witnessed increasing globalrecognition of the importance of men’s involvement in sexual andreproductive health (SRH). Issues such as the AIDS epidemic havereinforced the urgency of encouraging men to take responsibility for their own sexual and reproductive health and that of their partners. Despite globalrecognition at the level of international agreements, many countries havenot developed large-scale programs that reach out to men. As a result, manymen are not aware of why they need to be involved in SRH, how they can be involved, and what services are available for them and their partners.Involving men is particularly challenging in countries whose culturallydefined gender roles may hinder men’s participation. For example, incountries where communication between couples is limited andmanifestations of masculinity often involve violence against women andalcohol consumption, high-risk sexual behavior is commonplace. Involvingmen in SRH in such settings is complicated and demands a long-term  commitment. Yet, the rewards could be profound. The potential benefits of men’s involvement include expanded rights for women, improved familyhealth, better communication between partners, and joint and informeddecision-making within households. 1.2 Objectives Why Involve Men? The main reasons for this growing interest are: ã   Recognition of men’s influential role in the sexuality andreproduction of couples; ã   Recognition that men have their own distinct SRH needs anddemands; ã   Awareness that inequitable gender relations affect the SRH of bothsexes; ã   Increasing evidence of the negative effects of men’s risk behavioral patterns on women and children; ã   Concern over increasing rates of STIs and HIV/AIDS; ã   Desire to prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies through theincreased or more effective use of family planning methods;  ã   Requests from women to incorporate their partners into SRH promotion, education, and service delivery, particularly pregnancyand delivery. 1.3 Scoop and Limitations As much as this study would like to accommodate all the factors that are indeed has a connection, but a limitation is made in order to focus more on theimportant aspects only. This limitation is set up to provide more accurateand expected results. The scope of this study is viewed such that it cancover up the parameters to answer the problem and to obtain the mainobjective. 1.4 Significance of the Study Sexual and reproductive development are important components of thematuration process for adolescents, but there is considerable disagreementregarding how we best prepare youth to become sexually healthy andresponsible adults. A positive youth development approach to adolescentsexuality focuses on the developmentally healthy goals and possibilities for youth and considers what parents and other caring adults can do to helpadolescents develop responsible sexual attitudes and behaviors as well as aclear understanding of themselves as a sexual being.As in every other aspect of development, the goal is to help youth receivethe information they need to function optimally and become competent,
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