Dr Michael H Pfeiffer Forged Medical Documents & Signatures - Handwriting Analysis 2009 (Electronic Medical Records and Prescriptions for Very Ill, Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer)


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Dr. Michael H. Pfeiffer is a Ripply Clark Rocerfeller , and Catch me if you can character. Before he came to the USA in 2000 his history in Hungary Budapest, Bayreuth, Germany, Munich, Germany, and Berlin, Germany are a mystery. While in the USA Georgetown Residency Programs lost his personal file before his first interview for the neurology residency in 2002 and then when he graduated in 2007. Where ever he goes there are lost , forged altered missing files, records, history. Pfeiffer has forged signatures of colleague, Dr. Scott Myers ( children cancer clinic), altered electronic medical records, written and forged prescriptions, all to manipulate information on his own very ill daughter, Ariana-Leilani.....WHY? WHO IS MICHAEL HERBERT PFEIFFER?
  From: ACCURATE FORENSIC LAB 2 17 E. COMMERCE SUITE F JACKSONVILLE, EXAS 75766(800) 887-3788 July 29,2009 1. ~et&mhewhether or not the documents represented to be written or signed by Dr. ScottMyers, were in fact actually written or signed by Dr. Scott Myers.2. If the documents that were purported to be written and signed were not written or signed byDr. Scott Myers, then compare and contrast the alleged Dr. Scott Myers, documents to otherdocuments provided to me by the client's attorney for comparison. KNOWN DOC-S OF DR. COTT1. (Item 11); headed patient name, King-Pfeiffer, Manna, dated January 09,20092. (Item 29); dated June 26,2009; bearing the signature of Dr. Scott Myer. KD-1: (item 3) Form G 325 A; Biographic Information dated 03/22/2000; bearing the signature and writing of Dr. Michael Pfeiffi. KD-2: (item 4) A one-half sheet of unfed paper undated bearing the writing of Dr. MichaelPf'eiffer. Page 1 of 5  From: KD-3: (item 5) YMCA, ARYLAWN PROGRAM CENTER, Drop in Care dated 03/25/2008; bearing thewritingand signature of Dr. Michael Pfeiffer. KD-4: (item 6) YMCA ARYLAWN PROGRAM CENTER, Drop in Care dated 04/03/2009; bearing the writing and signature of Dr. Michael Pfeiflfer. KD-5: (item 7) A copy of a handwritten note with Y' on the bottom right of the page bearingthe writing and signature of Dr. Michael Heiffer, KD-6: (item 8) A page headed YMCA of Metropolitan Washington, dated 021 1 1/2008; bearingthe writing of Dr. Michael Pfeiffer. KD-7: (item 9) A document headed Emergency Room, dated 0211 1/2008; bearing the writing ofDr. Michael Pfeiffer. D DOCUMENTS OF DR. SCOTT MXE&S QD-2: item 10) A document headed Georgetown University Hospital, dated Jan 09,2009; bearing a questioned signature Scott My. QD-3: (item I 1) A document dated Jan 09,2009; headed Patient Name Ariana Pfeiffer, page 2 bearing a questioned signature Scott Myers. QD-4: (item 12) page 2; A document headed Patient Name King-Pfeiffer, Ariana, bearing aquestioned signature of Scott Myer. QD-5: (item 13) page 4 headed Patient Name: King-Pfeiffer, Ariana, bearing a questionedsignature of Scott Myer. QD-6: item 14) headed Georgetown University, dated March 27,2009; bearing a questionedsignature of Scott Myers, M.D. QD-7: (item 15) page 2; headed Patient Name, King-Pfeiffer, Ma, ated March 27, 2009; bearing a questioned signature of Scot Myers, M.D. QD-8: item 16) page 3; headed Patient Name: King-Pfeiffer, Ariana, bearing a questionedsignature of Scon Myer, M.D. Page 2 of 5  From: QD-9: item 17) page 4; headed Patient Name; King-Pfeiffer, Ariana bearing a questionedsignature of Scot Myer, M.D. QD-10: item 20) page 3; headed Patient Name: King-Pfeiffer, Ariana, dated January 09,2009; bearing questioned writing of Dr. Myers.NOTE: There are writings in both left and right margins as well as above and below theprinted section. QD-11: (item 23) headed Division of Pediatric Hematology, date 10/10/08; stating she mayreturn to school without restrictions. bearing the questioned signature Scott My. NOTE: QD-11 nd QD-12; re the same except they do not match porportuarally. QD-12: (item 26) headed Department of Pediatrics, PH02-0558; dated 1/05/09; bearing thequestioned signature of Scot My. 1. Documents were examined with the use of magnification. Magnification included a hand held 7X lighted magnifying device as well as a stero microscope. 2. Measuring devices and graphs were used to compare and contrast the width, height, andspacing of various letters, lines and words. 3. A light table was used to verify whether or not there was a duplication by tracing or cuttingand pasting. 4. Lab Notes: A side by side comparison of signatures.Page 3 of 5  From: OF OPINION Based on my examination of the forgoing information, and in consideration of my education, training, qualifications, experience, and specialized knowledge, I hereby offer the followingopinion. 1. The form, size, spacing, and fluidity of items 11 and 29; were not consistent with that of theknown signatures and writing of Dr. Myers. 2. The purported signatures and writings of Dr. Scott Myer, as seen on items 2,5, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17; and 20; contain significant similarities and characteristics as seen in the handwriting of Dr. Michael Pfeiffer. 3. The known ignatures and writings of Dr. Scott Myers, item 11; and item 29; containsignificant similarities and characteristics as seen in the signatures and writing of Dr. Michael pfeiffer on items 3,4, 5,6,7,8, and 9; as listed in detail under the heading of knowndocuments of Dr. Michael PfeiSer. NOTE: he examination of he requested srcinals may confirm or alter my findings. Page 4 of 5
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