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A Seminar Report on PALM VEIN TECHNOLOGY Submitted by B.JYOTHSNA (08251A0210) Under the guidance of B.Ravichandra Rao Asst.professor In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree Of BACHELORS OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Institution Accredited by NBA of AICTE and Affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad Shaikpet, Hyderabad- 500008, AP, India. JANUARY, 2012 iii G.NARAYANAMMA INSTIT
   iii A Seminar Report on     PALM VEIN TECHNOLOGY Submitted by B.JYOTHSNA (08251A0210)Under the guidance of B.Ravichandra RaoAsst.professor    In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree   Of  BACHELORS OF TECHNOLOGY   Department of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringG. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science An ISO 9001-2000 Certified InstitutionAccredited by NBA of AICTE and Affiliated to JNTU HyderabadShaikpet, Hyderabad- 500008, AP, India . JANUARY, 2012   iii G.NARAYANAMMA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE   (For Women) DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Seminar entitled, ― PALM VEIN TECHNOLOGY ‖ that is being submitted by B.Jyothsna (08251A0210) in partial fulfillment for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering to the JawaharlalNehru Technological University is a record of bonafide work carried out by her underour guidance and supervision. The results embodied in this report have not beensubmitted to any other University or Institution for the award of any degree ordiploma. (Mr.RaviChandra Rao) (Dr. M. V. Sharma)Assistant professor, EEE Dept Seminar CoordinatorProject Guide Professor, EEE Dept(Dr. K.Ramesh Reddy)Head of the DepartmentEEE     iii Abstract Palm vein technologies are one of the upcoming technologies which is highly secure. It is the world’s first contactless personal identification system that uses the vein patterns in human palms to confirm a person’s identity. It is highly secure because it uses information contained within the body and is also highly accurate because the pattern of veins in the palm iscomplex and unique to each individual. Moreover, its contact less feature gives it a hygienicadvantage over other biometric authentication technologies. The palm secure works bycapturi ng a person’s vein pattern image while radiating it with near  -infrared rays. The PalmSecure detects the structure of the pattern of veins on the palm of the human hand with theutmost precision. The sensor emits a near-infrared beam towards the palm of the hand and theblood flowing through these back to the heart with reduced oxygen absorbs this radiation,causing the veins to appear as a black pattern. This pattern is recorded by the sensor and isstored in encrypted form in a database, on a token or on a smart card.Veins are internal in the body and have wealth of differentiating features, assuming falseidentity through forgery is extremely difficult, thereby enabling an extremely high level of security. The Palm Secure technology is designed in such a way that it can only detect thevein pattern of living people. The scanning process is extremely fast and does not involve anycontact meaning that Palm Secure meets the stringent hygienic requirements that arenormally necessary for use in public environments. The opportunities to implement palmsecure span a wide range of vertical markets, including security, financial/banking,healthcare, commercial enterprises and educational facilities. Applications for the deviceinclude physical admission into secured areas; log-in to PCs or server systems; access to POS, ATMs or kiosks; positive ID control; and other industry-specific applications. and alsodescribes some examples of financial solutions and product applications for the generalmarket that have been developed based on this technology. Typically palm veinauthentication technology consists of a small palm vein scanner that's easy and natural to use,fast and highly accurate.   iii TABLE OF CONTENTS   CHAPTER NO. TITLE PAGE NO.   ABSTRACT ii   ACKNOWLEDGMENT iii1.   INTRODUCTION 11.1   ABOUT FUJITSU FRONTECH LIMITED 2 2.   PALM VEIN TECHNOLOGY 32.1   VEIN PATTERNS TECHNOLOGY 52.2   ADVANTAGES OF VEIN PATTERN TECHNOLOGY 72.3   PRINCIPLES OF VASCULAR PATTERN2.4   AUTENTICATION 102.5   PALM SECURE PALM VEIN IDENTITY SYSTEM 112.6   ACCESS CONTROL UNIT USING PALM SECURE 122.7   LOGIN UNIT USING PALM SECURE 132.8   HIGH AUTENTICATION ACCURACY 14 3.   ADVANTAGES 15 4.   APPLICATIONS 16 5.   CONCLUSIONS 25 6.   REFERENCES 26
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