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A Project Report With Reference To Human Resource Management On SUBMITTED TO:G.L.S. Institute of Computer Technology Law Garden, Ahmedabad SUBMITTED BY:VipulBhalara(G1103) VimalChandravadiya(G1107) SanketKotdiya(G1121) SmitSankhla(G1145) Pratik Shah(G1148) UditShah(G1149) GLSICT-MBA(Delta) PREFACE M.B.A. is a two year degree course and it is based on Business Management and Administration studies. This project and consequent report on it allowed students to practically visit and analyze and
  A Project ReportWith Reference ToHuman Resource ManagementOn SUBMITTED TO:- G.L.S. Institute of Computer TechnologyLaw Garden, Ahmedabad SUBMITTED BY:- VipulBhalara(G1103)VimalChandravadiya(G1107)SanketKotdiya(G1121)SmitSankhla(G1145)Pratik Shah(G1148)UditShah(G1149)GLSICT-MBA(Delta)  PREFACE M.B.A. is a two year degree course and it is based on Business Management andAdministration studies. This project and consequent report on it allowed students to practicallyvisit and analyze and study the real business environment.Human Resource Management is one of the major functional areas of management. The path of success is greased with Production as well as it holds the key to all activities. As a “soul” giveslife to body likewise Human Resourceempowers organization. In other words everyorganization is engaged in Human Resource functionin order to achieve its goals. It is essentialto all the types of organizations viz. small, medium and large business enterprises.This practical training in the M.B.A. program develops the feelings of awareness in difficultiesand challenges of the business world. Only theoretical knowledge does not impart completemean of education. It must be accompany with practical experience to add meaning of theeducation.As a part of Human Resource Management’s practical studies, We have prepared study report based on official visit to the DivyaBhaskar. The experience of visit and preparing of projectreport is wonderful and it gives us best opportunity. So, we can acquire knowledge in the worldof practical management. 2  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT A Project Report based on an official visit to Divya Bhaskar with respect to Human Resourcemanagementis humbly presented here with for kind appraisal, sincere comments, suggestionsand critical valuations.We would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to our Prof. Kavita Kshtriya for imparting us the opportunity to study the subject and presenting the project report on it. Theynot only gave us the opportunity but also helped us by proper guidance and requiredinformation to make the project easy and offer an opportunity to get practical knowledge aboutthe Human Resource Management.We would also like to thank the “The Divya Bhaskar” and “Mr. Shambhu Desai(8866321484)” for helping us on realizing their report and providing the opportunity to proceedand finish the report.Last but not least we are also thankful to our GLS Institute of Computer Technology M.B.A.and Gujarat Technological University for introducing such project as significant aspect of our M.B.A. Program without which we would not have practical exposure to actual business andenvironment and Human Resource aspects.With Thanks…Yours Sincerely,Vipul Bhalara (GLS 1103)Vimal Chandravadiya (GLS 1107)Sanket Kotadiya (GLS 1121)Smit Sakhala (GLS 1145)Pratik Shah (GLS 1148)Udit Shah (GLS 1149)GLSICT-MBA(DELTA) 3  DELARATION We, hereby declare that the Project titled, “ A Project Report Based on an Official Visit toDivyaBhaskar” With reference to “ Human Resource Management ” is srcinal to best of our knowledge and has not published elsewhere yet. This is for the purpose of partial fulfillment of Gujarat Technological University requirements for the award of the degree of the M asters of  B usiness A dministration. ã (GLS1149)UDIT SHAH____________________________________  ã (GLS1148)PRATIK SHAH__________________________________  ã (GLS1145)SMIT SAKHALA_________________________________  ã (GLS1121)SANKET KOTADIYA_____________________________  ã (GLS1107)VIMAL CHANDARVADIYA_______________________  ã (GLS1103)VIPUL BHALARA________________________________  GLSICT-M.B.A.(Delta) 27 th February, 2012 4
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