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  Panduan menulis laporan amali PEKA SPM 1 Topic : Tajuk :  2 Aim : Tujuan :  (statement must have TO INVESTIGATE / STUDY/IDENTIFY…..)  3 Hypothesis :  Hipotesis :  (stated general / specific is accepted) 4 Variables :  Pembolehubah :  1) Manipulated :  Manipulasi :  2) Responding :  Bergerak balas :  3) Constant : Tetap :   *** apparatus not accepted.  5 Materials /Apparatus :  Bahan/radas :  6 Set-up of the apparatus :  Penyediaan radas :   (FIGURE)  (diagram - must be labeled, show MV and RV) 7 Procedure :  Kaedah :   Only four steps  1) Set up of apparatus (diagram is accepted / must be labelled) CV + RV 2) How to get the RV 3) How to observe/ calculate/ measure RV 4) Repeat the procedure by using anotherMV 8 Observation/result :  Pemerhatian /keputusan :   (TABLE)  (Table form and refer to RV and MV) RV   MV  9 Analysis and interpretation of data :  Analisis dan meramal data :    Kepada guru dan pelajar yang mahu panduan manulis laporan amali boleh guna borang ini untuk menulis laporan. 10 Conclusion :  Kesimpulan :  
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