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KVM Concrete products machines
  YOUR RELIABLE pARtnER KVM IntERnAtIOnAL A/S  KVM wORLd-wIdE KVM International A/S is the largest manufacturer of machines, equipment and turnkey plants for theconcrete industry in Northern Europe. With over 50 years of experience KVM is among the leadingmanufacturers globally. KVM has had a great in- uence on the way concrete products are manufac -tured today. The KVM head ofce is situated in the city of Kjel - lerup in Denmark. Besides the head ofce KVM consists of subsidiary companies operating in theUSA, Poland, the UK and Germany. FurthermoreKVM has local sales staff and agents all over the world. KVM - A RELIABLEpARtnER RESEARCH, dEVELOpMEnt And tECHnOLOGY ARE HIGHLY VALUEd KVM is world known as a reliable producer anda loyal partner through the entire project process: Pre-phase, production, commissioning, service,training of operators and continued support.Moreover KVM values points as product develop-ment, technology, security and quality as importantfactors. These points are achieved in co-operation with existing customers and through feedback. There- fore KVM is familiar with the market demands andsolutions, creating increasingly efcient plants and continual developments. SERVICE  ESSEntIAL FOR EARnInG KVMs team of experts is at your disposal 24 hours 7 days a week. With our service line we guarantee quick respond and help if a problem occurs in pro-duction. KVMs world-famous operator academy ensures machine and concrete understanding. We educate,talk, listen and gather interesting information anddevelop these into useful production support. VERSAtILItY  tOdAY’S KEYwORd The trends among designers and architects are touse a large variety of different concrete productsin the Landscaping process. This gives the produ-cers an extra challenge as they have to develop themould and the production process to suit. To make this process protable it is necessary to have a very versatile production machine. Thisscenario has been a fact for the Danish concrete producers for several years due to the fact that their  consumer volume is in the low end. For this reason a KVM block machine is con- structed to operate protably, making high classoutput, with a large variety of products even pro -ducts not normally seen made on a block machine.  BLOCK MAKInGMACHInE The heart of all block and paving producing facto-ries is the blockmachine. KVM blockmachines can produce all shapes and sizes from large slabs 1m by1,2m to kerbstones, blocks and pavers. The smallest28mm thick pool slabs to the largest 600 kg retai- ning wall blocks - all on the same machine and allwith exactly the same high quality. MACHInE pROGRAMME KVM International manufactures three differentseries of Block Making Machines. Depending onthe customers’ needs and demands – large or small  production capacities – KVM will guide the custo -mer in the direction of the most suitable blockma-chine. Series I: Type 62/80, pallet size 750 x 900mmSeries II: Types 62/105, 90/105 and 62/125,  pallet size up to 750 x 1400mm Series III: Types 80/125, 105/125 and 125/125,  pallet size up to 1300 x 1450mm All types of blockmachines use the well known KVM controlled concrete handling system ensu-ring that every kilo of concrete delivered into the mould is handled in exactly the same way. The controlled concrete handling is based on the following features:ã Transport of concrete to the silo on the blockmachine is done with a slow moving belt conveyor that delivers concrete in the same rate as it is being used. This gives the same weight and density of the concrete all the time ã A cone shaped rubber sock in the silo guaran- tees against segregation of the concrete ã The silo is lowered into the lling box each cycle to ensure that only the needed amount of concrete is delivered ã The lling box has no internally moving parts making it possible to empty it after each cycle ã The tuning vibrator allows for adjustment of   both amplitude and frequency during both the lling and the compaction part of the produc- tion cycleAll movements are controlled by the advanced pro- portionally controlled hydraulic system. The easy-to-operate control system enables the operator to quickly implement changes and to adjust to chan -ges in materials and products. KVM blockmachines are delivered with the follo - wing standard features:ã The blockmachine is placed on rubber dampersunder the machine frame which minimises theneed for foundation work and reduces the vibrations transmitted to the surroundings ã High efciency motors and a special energy saving hydraulic system reduces the environ-mental impact.  HAndLInG SYStEM All KVM handling systems are designed to be fa-ster than the blockmachine at all times and have built in buffers to enable the system to avoid smallstops giving delays for the blockmachine.  tRAnSpORt wEt SIdE Transport from the blockmachine to the elevator is done by roller or v-belt conveyors that ensure a gentle transport of the wet products. The wet side conveyor is divided into several individual sections that allow the conveyor to work as a buffer zone. OptIOnS FOR wEt SIdE   The wet side can be equipped with additional optio - nal equipment: ã QUALItY COntROL Weight, height and density can be controlled andthe information can be presented to the operator and it can be used to either manually or automati- cally adjust the settings on the blockmachine;ã A laser based height measurement unit controls the height of the product ã A weight measuring unit weighs the productsã An ofine control position allows for detailedmeasurements while the production continues ã SCRAp EjECtOR To scrap the waste from cleaning or reject bad prod -ucts the control position can include a function to tilt the materials into a skip. Afterwards the empty pallet will automatically return to the wet side con -veyor system.
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