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CloseCareGap is an approved Patient Safety Organization (PSO). Using the award winning clinicalMessage ePlatform, staff can use smart tools to help measure best practice and reduce variations in care delivery at the bedside. The basic PSO toolkit is FREE and can be implemented with a few short clicks via a secure online portal. We have adopted the “IHI Leadership, Support and Care Processes” as critical areas to focus on closing gaps in care using a Continuous Learning Improvement Platform. For more information, go to
  • 1. a component organization of Join the leading federally designated Patient Safety Organization Close Care Gap, PSO Patient Safety Organization Join us and help improve the health of our nation
  • 2. Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA)CloseCareGapPSO Benefits of Working with Close Care Gap, Patient Safety Organization (PSO) First Step Towards – Improving the Health of our Nation To improve the health of our population, we need to think beyond healthcare or the hospital setting. To support this global vision, we need a new model that supports advanced thinking and the following information management capabilities to: • Engage Population • Engage Providers • Define Population • Assess Care Gaps • Strategies and Assess Risks • Engage Patients • Manage Care • Measure Outcomes and Correct • Population Health Measures (integrated) • Total Cost of Health • Quality : health of the population • Population Satisfaction Being part of Close Care Gap PSO, you are helping improve the capability to Manage Care better. The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (Patient Safety Act) authorized the creation of Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs). It encourages clinicians and health care organizations to voluntarily report to, and share quality and patient safety information with PSOs without fear of legal discovery. PSOs help health care professionals learn from data on patient safety events to prevent them from happening in the future. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is a part of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, who administers the PSO program. PSO’s serve as independent, external experts who can collect, analyze, and aggregate clinical data (Patient Safety Work Product) locally, regionally, and nationally to develop insights into the underlying causes of patient safety events. While working with a PSO is voluntary, it offers many benefits, including: • Legal privilege and confidentiality of deliberations and analysis of quality and safety events • Aggregation of patient safety event data, and comparison with peers (de-identified by the PSO Privacy Protection Center) • Expertise to understand and prevent the causes of patient safety events • Advice for improving the quality and safety of patient care delivery • Opportunity to submit non-identifiable data to the Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD) and compare data nationwide
  • 3. No Service Description PSO Services Fee for Service 1 Use CCG PSO software to perform peer review from approved list of processes - real-time audit or manual and data is entered in PSCS later free 2 Define improvement plan and manage the plan free 3 Benchmark your individual audit performance against your Organization and Industry Level free 4 Provide clinical outcomes in PSO standard format referred as common formats free 5 Using CCG PSO Informatics engine – analyze process variance and clinical outcomes for various groups within your organization and compare them against industry average . free 6 CCG PSO will grant your organization a certificate of being an active member of PSO free 7 CCG PSO consulting staff can help you implement best practices in selected areas and help develop your staff competencies to close the gaps in care √ 8 Leverage online learning and capability to manage improvement programs through their full life cycle √ 9 Submit Action Plans and Quality Observation Projects for Professional Continuing Education Credit √ 10 Access to peer reviewed articles, webinars, and learning support on how to leverage best practices to close gaps in care √ Message from the Close Care Gap, PSO Program Director , Kate ONeill, MSN, RN What to expect from your Close Care Gap, PSO ? Close Care Gap PSO is a component of clinicalMessage , a platform designed to improve the health of the population through improved health information flow across the entire healthcare continuum. An overview of Close Care Gap, PSO services are listed in the Table 1 below. Many of our PSO services are FREE to hospitals and organizations to take advantage of our quality improvement products. Additional individual support and consultative services are available to organizations upon request to assist in their quality improvement journey. Table 1: Close Care Gap PSO Services Thank you for your interest in Closed Care Gap, PSO. For the past 2 decades, I’ve worked as an ER Manager, Educator, Writer-Researcher, and Quality Leader.  Over the years, I’ve struggled with one daunting question: How to keep care delivery teams focused on quality and patient safety every-day? and NOT just on the days when regulatory agencies (Joint Commission or Magnet) are at the door.  I believe, if we take advantage of the Patient Safety Act, and the science of Peer-Based Sharing and Learning, we can create a culture of quality that becomes "business as usual". I hope you share my patient safety vision. Contact me to discuss your needs. Phone: 610.505.0996 Email: Website:
  • 4. Close Care Gap, PSO and Centre of Excellence [Engage Providers] Operationalize Good Practices with clinicalMessage Solution [Manage Cost] Make Patient Provided Data - Part of the Daily Care Plan [Manage Care, Engage Patient] Decision Support – Patient information and evidence based practices Patient Data – Reported through 3rd party devices and applications Health Outcomes - Analytics and Dissemination to the point of care Engage Population – Self health promotion and incent wellness globally Roadmap to Next Generation Health IT eHealth Information System for the Global Population Engage Population Engage Providers Define Population Assess Care Gaps Strategies and Assess Risks Engage Patients Manage Care Measure Outcomes and Correct Population Health Measures • Total cost • Quality • Satisfaction
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