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Alpesh Patel Special Edition Alpesh’s guide to getting the best out of his system        Introduction Overview of the system How I use the system Alpesh Ratings Data Mining Filters  Value/Growth  Momentum Value  Bullish Momentum  Bearish Momentum Technical Radars  Momentum Radar  Breadth Radar  Volatility Radar  Volume Radar Trade Management Introduction Contents Welcome to the Alpesh Patel Special Edition of ShareScope. It is a series of systems that I have used for many
     Alpesh Patel Special Edition  Alpesh’s guide to getting the best out of his system    Introduction     Overview of the system     How I use the system     Alpesh Ratings     Data Mining Filters    Value/Growth     Momentum Value     Bullish Momentum     Bearish Momentum     Technical Radars    Momentum Radar      Breadth Radar      Volatility Radar      Volume Radar      Trade Management    Alpesh Patel Special Edition Alpesh’s Guide V1.0 Page 2 of 30 Introduction Contents   Welcome to the Alpesh Patel Special Edition of ShareScope. It is a series of systems that I haveused for many years, developing my own stock-picking filters and analytic settings (“radars”), and which has proved consistently successful for me. I want it to save you hours and hours of searching for trades and make you much more than it costs. It has done that for me!Now, the Alpesh Patel Special Edition does not pick sure-fire winning trades and investment ideas every time. It picks trades and investment ideas that already meet specific criteria that Irequire as a starting point. These are criteria which I have settled upon over years of investingand shorter-term trading.I may still find reasons not to like some of the opportunities highlighted by my filters but I willtell you the warning signs that I look for.I hav e used this system for years now to target 25% growth per annum. It’s important to stress the word TARGET. I set my sights high. Each year from 2004 to 2010, I picked a basket of stocksfor a 12-month buy and hold. In fact, all I did was list the stocks in my Alpesh Patel Value/Growthfilter on the day I gave the tips. Using this method I achieved a compound annual growth rate of  16.8%. Not 25% but I’ll take 17% every year and I’m sure you would too. Bear in mind, we had the credit crunch during that period. The FTSE All-Share provided a 4.7% annual gain over thesame period.Of course, no matter how good the fundamentals or the price momentum of a share, unexpected events can always occur. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the news stories in Sha reScope and set appropriate stop losses. I’ll cover this in more detail in each section.   RISK WARNING: Spread betting and CFD trading are forms of trading on margin - theytypically require the deposit of a small percentage of the total trade value. Profits and lossescan quickly exceed the initial deposit because the financial outcome is determined by theprice movement on the total trade value. Ensure you understand the risks as these productsare not suitable for everyone. These products are only suitable for persons over 18. Speak to your broker for more information before you decide whether to use them or not.  Alpesh Patel Special Edition Alpesh’s Guide V1.0 Page 3 of 30 Overview of the system Contents   There are FOUR components to the Alpesh Patel Special Edition:     Alpesh Table   – which displays a range of momentum measures and includes myproprietary Value/Growth Rating, Bullish Momentum Rating and Overall Rating. This isloaded into one of your List Table settings.    My four analytical “Radars”   – four Graph Settings which focus on different aspects of technical analysis. These are loaded into four of your Graph settings. Each radar alsoincludes my proprietary Alpesh Ratings displayed in the top left corner.    My four proprietary data mining filters - Value/Growth, Momentum/Value, BullishMomentum and Bearish Momentum. These are added to your library of data miningfilters.    My exclusive monthly newsletter in which I discuss the macro environment, pass onresearch and present my current investment and trading ideas. This will pop up inShareScope on the day it is published. You can also access this from the InfoCentre optionon the View menu. My newsletter summaries the hours and hours of research I have donefor the month ahead and becomes my bible for TV interviews and trading. It has the best of the research from everything I have read from all the private banks, Bloomberg andhedge fund sources.  Alpesh Patel Special Edition Alpesh’s Guide V1.0 Page 4 of 30 How to access the Alpesh Patel Special Edition Contents   When you subscribe to the Alpesh Patel Special Edition, a wizard appears in ShareScope whichinstalls the components of the system step-by-step. Most of these components can be found on the Alpesh toolbar which is displayed just above ShareScope’s Settings toolbar near the bottom of  the screen:To access each feature, simply click on it. If you can’t see the APSE toolbar, Go to the Tools menu, then Options. You should have an Alpesh Patel tab. If you don’t please call Support on 020 7749 8504. If you do, click on this tab and the following dialog will appear:Make sure the Enable Alpesh Patel Special Edition and Show Toolbar options are both ticked.
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