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Apex Pharmaceutical Limited Course Name: Principles of Marketing (MKT 101) Section: 08 Date of Submission: 22nd November, 2011 Prepared For Mashruha Zabeen Lecturer Department of Business Administration East West University Prepared By Morshed Alam Shuva – 2010-2-10-043 Ahmed Jobair Akib – 2010-3-10-072 Md. Ashiqul Islam -2010-2-10-105 Nayma Nazneen – 2010-2-10-41 Department of Business Administration East West University 1 LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL 22nd November, 2011 Mashruha Zabeen, Lecture
    Apex Pharmaceutical Limited Course Name: Principles of Marketing (MKT 101)Section: 08Date of Submission: 22 nd November, 2011 Prepared For Mashruha ZabeenLecturer Department of Business AdministrationEast West University Prepared By Morshed Alam Shuva – 2010-2-10-043Ahmed Jobair Akib – 2010-3-10-072Md. Ashiqul Islam -2010-2-10-105 Nayma Nazneen – 2010-2-10-41Department of Business Administration East West University 1    LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL 22 nd November, 2011Mashruha Zabeen,Lecturer,Department of Business Administration,East West University Subject: Submission of term paper. Dear Mam,This is a great pleasure for us to submit a term paper on “Apex Pharmaceutical Ltd” Weconsidered your remarks and instructions very carefully while preparing this report.We have tried to visualize all the areas related to this topic. We would like to express our heartiest gratitude to you, for your tiresome efforts for us, which provided us the opportunity to prepare term paper. We have tried our level best to present the paper according to the vitalstandard and requirements. While preparing this paper we have enriched our knowledge a lotabout “Principles of Marketing (MKT 101) ” .We will be highly encouraged if you are kind enough to receive this term paper. We hope this paper will serve its purpose. We are hoping your kind advice and suggestions for our anymistake.Sincerely yours,Morshed Alam Shuva- 2010-2-10-043 Nayma Nazneen – 2010-2-10-041Ahmed Jobair Akib – 2010-3-10-72Md. Ashiqul Islam – 2010-2-10-105 2    Acknowledgement At first we desire to express our deepest sense of gratitude of almighty Allah.With profound regard we gratefully acknowledge our respected course instructor MashruhaZabeen, Lecturer, Department of business Administration, for her generous help and day to daysuggestion during preparation of the research paper.We would like to give thanks especially to our friends and group members, for their enthusiasticencouragements and helps during the preparation of this research paper by sharing ideasregarding this subject and for their assistance in typing and proof reading this manuscript. 3    Executive Summary For the first time in the history of the local pharmaceutical industry, a Bangladeshi company,Apex Pharma Ltd., has assembled a top flight corporate management team with an unparalled blend of local and international pharmaceutical expertise. This management team has provenabilities of building successful businesses and is importantly being led by a dynamic and highlyrespected CEO with a proven track record of success in the pharmaceutical industry.Apex Pharma markets, promotes and manufactures ethical and OTC generic pharmaceutical products. The company covers the areas of CNS, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Oesteology,Infectious Diseases and OTC products and is looking to forward to expand to Biotechnology,Cytokines, Endocrinology, Cancer and Oncology. Apex Pharma is the Middle East agent for theFrench Company Laboratories Aguettant for their range of ICU, Trace elements and TPN line. 4
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