6 Key Advantages of Choosing a Remote PHP Resource Over a Freelance Developer


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Hire PHP web developer, not only help to reduce overhead cost, but also bring a host of other benefits. They offer more control, flexibility, better communication, and enhanced data security. These features are absent with freelance developers.
  • 1. 6 Key Advantages of Choosing a Remote PHP Resource Over a Freelance Developer
  • 2. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY More and more Western companies now prefer to hire remote PHP developers to freelancers these days. This is due to following reasons: Need of Hire Remote PHP Developers ●Remote resources ensure better coding standards ●Reduce manpower cost without compromising quality ●Offer liability free work environment ●Suitable for smaller business enterprises and individual business owners ●Ensure strict data security ●Offer smooth communication
  • 3. Reduces Manpower Cost without Compromising Quality ●Offshore locations offer a huge salary arbitrage. ●You can get a PHP developer in $5000-10000 per year in India, whereas in US they come in $59000-80000 per year. ●Additionally, outsourcing vendors have access to a huge database of skilled PHP programmers. ●It helps them to hire a PHP resource immediately.
  • 4. Suitable for Smaller Business Enterprises and Individual Business Owners ●Keeping a remote offshore team helps to meet this objective. ●You can scale up or downsize your team without any delay. ●You just need to convey your requirements to a vendor. ●It is difficult to scale up the team in case of freelancers as you will have to search various job portals.
  • 5. Ensures Strict Data Security ●You get better data protection with a remote PHP developer. ●Since, he or she works in a secured office environment of a vendor. ●Also, a vendor has an experienced IT team to maintain proper data security standards. ●However, the risk of data protection increases with freelancers. ●It is because they don’t have access to advanced security tools. ●It is also difficult to monitor their work as they work in a home environment.
  • 6. Offers Smooth Communication ●Remote staffing companies invests a lot on advanced communication technology. ●A remote resource has access to VoIP, high- speed internet access, Skype, video conferencing and PC sharing. ●You can share change in requirements instantly to the developer. ●A freelancer does not have access to costly technology such as video conferencing and PC sharing. ●Mail is the most used medium to interact with freelancers. ●This means you cannot frequently interact with a freelance developer.
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