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NJ District of Key Club International Club KEYping Up Issue 2
  KEYping Up Dear officers of the New Jersey District, Snowy days and long vacations have come again, so what’s onyour mind? While we’ve had—  only!  —  three months of school, weare already half way through this Key Club Service Year. So, tostay on track, this issue of KEYping Up will feature the following:  Your counterparts on the District Executive Boardgive their insight on your officer duties. These tipsoutline your duties for the mid-year time period.  What’s going on with the newest series of charity talent shows put on by the NJ District to fundraisefor our District Project The Eliminate Project.  Easier to organize and more service-oriented,here are some service ideas for the District Pro-grams focuses.  A page of “extras” that brings a little lightness to the exhausting, exhilarating, and extraordinarylives of us Key Clubbers.Remember, as your  District Secretary, I am your  resource. Feel freeto contact me through the means listed to the left.Yours in caring and service, Jiayun Fang District Secretary 2011-2012November 2011 The Resourceful Publication for Club Officers Volume 62, Issue 2 - Page 1 - Contact me! Jiayun FangNJ District Secretary45 Short Hills Cir. Apt 2BMillburn, NJ 07041908-546-2996   secretary.jfang@gmail.com   Inside this issue…     Introduction -----------------1President and VPs ---------- 2Secretaries ------------------ 3Treasurers ------------------- 4Editors ----------------------- 5Webmasters ---------------- 6Project Showcase ---------- 7District Programs ------------ 7Extras ------------------------8  PRESIDENT’S PAGE     By District Governor Nicole Darrah President and VP ’ s page Hello Club Presidents & Vice Presidents!  We’ve made it! …Almost! Now that we’re half way through the service year, I have a ques- tion for you: do you find your Key Club glass half empty? Or half full? Think about all that  you’ve done in your presidential positions, everything you’ve done for your club, for the New Jersey District, and for Key Club International so far this year and really think about it:how will you define your Key Club year?  Although we’re six months into our terms, that doesn’t mean it’s time to relax. Six monthsdown and six months to go, and we’ve got much to do! With Lieutenant Governor Elec- tions approaching, divisional and district Project Showcase events nearing us, and even District Conventionpreparation well on its way, we have quite a lot to do before our service year ends on April 1st. As you know, our District Project this year has been split in half to include a service aspect, as well as a separate fundraising aspect. Our service aspect is Children’s Specialized Hospital, a chain of hospitals around New Jersey that we’ve worked closely with for the past six years. As Presidents and VPs, really work on getting your clubs involved by calling the hospitals yourself! Note: 5 people allowed per Rec. Therapy session, with 1 person beingat least 18. Remember that our service hours goal dedicated to CSH is 15,600 hours – so contact a local hospi-tal and participate in a Recreational Therapy visit today! Our fundraising aspect, along with many other parts of  the Kiwanis Family, is The Eliminate Project, where we’re working to raise $79,180.38 by the end of the service  year to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus by the year 2015! Work with your club advisors and fellow of-ficers to plan creative fundraisers that not only could your club participate in, but also your school and even your division!Like I mentioned earlier, District Convention (DCON) preparation has begun! From March 30th to April 1st, make sure to “Walk the Boardwalk of Service” with hundreds of Key Clubbers from all over New Jersey to have a fantastic weekend full of fun, leadership, and service. This year, DCON is in a new location – right here in Jersey! The Ocean Place Hotel (right on the beach) in Long Branch is home to our 2012 DCON. Work with your sponsoring Kiwanis clubs and hold club fundraisers to raise enough funds for club members to attend Dis-trict Convention. DCON 2012 registration and other weekend logistics information will be ready and sent toclubs very soon – talk to your lieutenant governor for more details!If you ever have any questions throughout your terms, feel free to contact me at anytime via email, social net- working, phone call, etc. Governor Nicole: governor@njkeyclub.org - Page 2 - DISTRICT CONVENTION 2012DISTRICT PROJECT     As we enter winter and many clubs wind down, we Secretaries must brace for our work justgetting started. The most important part to remember throughout your term as Secretary isthat you are not an ordinary member. You are persistent, determined, and efficient. You arethe Secretary. Act like it by not letting the winter blues get the best of you and stay on top of  your deadlines and reports. By District Secretary Jiayun Fang secretary ’ s scoop Club Monthly Report FormsMeeting MinutesOfficer RostersClub Files - Page 3 - Club Monthly Report Forms (CMRFs) by the tenth of every month. This is one of your most important duties as ClubSecretary because CMRFs are the most effective methods of communication between the District and club level.  Sent to lieutenant governor, your zone administrator, your Kiwanis advisor, your faculty advisor, and me, yourDistrict Secretary.  Please make sure all details about the Report of Activi-ties is up to date. District awards for Service will becounted from the CMRFs submitted.  For your convenience, you may use the e-CMRF genera-tor at njkeyclub.org or fill out the new, more intuitive Word form of the CMRF.In order to fill in absentees and increase transparency with-in your clubs, make sure you publish officer meetingminutes for your officers, members, and advisors. It benefitsboth your club and yourselves because it is a record of every-thing discussed and planned.Meetings should include:  Date, time, and location of meeting  Officers present  Each topic discussed  Upcoming events  Due dates Officer Rosters If your club has not already done so, please fill out an officerroster with names, addresses, phone numbers, and emailaddresses of all of the officers in your club. Having accuratecontact information facilitates the transition period fromthe immediate past District Board to the new District Boardand ensures that your club may stay in close contact withtheir new lieutenant governors. If there are corrections oradditions to the Club Directory you should have received ona CD during the Back-to-School District Mailing, feel free toemail the change to me at secretary@njkeyclub.org. Thechanges to the Club Directory will be featured in the Se-cond Addendum to the District Handbook. Keeping Accurate Club Files  Although you should have been doing this throughout the year, keeping accurate club files is important for your clubin many ways.1. Acts as a record against which you may check your as-sumptions, budgets, etc. That way, there are no discrep-ancies between what is believed to be true and what isactually true.2. Acts as guidelines for your future club officers. Asmuch as we dread it, we will become immediate pastofficers one day and our successors need direction and that’s where your accurate club files come in.   Secretary Jiayun: secretary@njkeyclub.org  Hello treasurers! The school year’s speeding full throttle ahead so it’s important to get on track  – and stay there! By now, a few things should be on your mind. The dues deadline isDecember 1st, so that means it is crunch time! All officers, especially treasurers, should be on top of dues collection. If you’ve already sent them in and made the Early Bird Duesdeadline, congratulation is in order … as well as an Early Bird Dues award at District Con- vention. Personally, I know my club’s treasurer plays a large role in updating the dues membership center along with my advisor. I suggest other treasurers do the same by creat- ing an accurate and efficient roster to be put into the update center. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about H numbers and passwords; if your advisor or you, as club treasurer, are confused about the membership update center, feel free to contact me. If you don’t have a password or H number, then you should contact District Governor Nicole.The school year is only beginning, but a budget should be made to total all ex- penses. The giving season has officially commenced, so it’s important that your club have its financial back covered. Following that train of thought, treasurers should organ-ize their things, especially around December, when things can get hectic. If your clublikes to collaborate with other school organizations or hope to donate to another charity that is not affiliated  with Key Club, that’s fine. However, don’t forget to keep a tight record on how much your Key Club has fund- raised. Make sure your secretary gets the right numbers, so that he or she can total it up in the Club Monthly Report Form. It is important to have the right numbers, even if your club raised that money with another or-ganization.Now, most clubs have finished up the Trick-or-Treat UNICEFevent, which traditionally takes place around Halloween. Proceeds shouldbe sent to the International office at 3636 Woodview Trace in Indianap- olis, IN and all checks should be made out to “Kiwanis InternationalFoundation.”   It’s a great way to start the year, but we’ve got a lot more to do! Treasurers, put your heads and hearts into this project. Every meet-ing, when you deliver your regular financial report, you should try to put your ideas in. There are tons of fund-raiser ideas online at www.njkeyclub.org, and your lieutenant governor has probably trained you on brainstorm-ing.  Although it’s early, please remember what I always say: keep everything organized. You should have your files, folders, and ideas neatly put together. The giving season may have just started, but you want to keep astrong legacy to pass on to the treasurer next year! Good luck, and I hope you make the most of the holidays. Treasurer Kimberly: treasurer@njkeyclub.org By District Treasurer Kimberly Lu TREASURER ’ s TIPs Club FinancesSending The Eliminate Project funds - Page 4 -
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