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Check out the 2012 GMC Acadia brochure, then view our selection of the new 2012 GMC Acadia at Zimbrick GMC West in Madison, Wisconsin or on our website http://www.zimbrickbuickwest.com/
  • 1. 20 12 c AtA l ogenGineerinG a better COMMUnitYGMC aCadiahistoric-ship QuAd rugbYrebuilding trAining
  • 2. reAl life. reAl projects. Making a real difference. GMC vehicles aren’t made to sit in theshowroom. they’re designed, engineered and built to get things done, to defy the impossible andto never say the job is over until you’ve overachieved. this is why GMC has joined with thepeople and organizations you’re about to meet. people who are making a difference in theircommunities and effecting real change. From resurrecting a historic treasure to helpingdisabled athletes pursue their dreams, GMC is proud to present these stories of what canreally happen in life when you never say never.gmc. we Are professionAl grAde.
  • 3. AcAdiA denAli in white diAmond tricoAt the latest edition to the acadia family, denali combines premium materials, distinctive design and the pinnacle of GMC engineering to make this the premier choice in the crossover category. tA bl e of con t en t s Qr codes 2 - 19 pArt 1 how to scAn A Qr code gmc communitY projects Use your smartphone to scan the Qr codes shown historic-ship rebuilding, 2 QuAd rugbY trAining, 14 throughout the catalog. after scanning the code, your smartphone will be directed to a mobile site for more learn about the organizations and individuals GMC is information on each project. if you do not have a Qr code partnering with who are committing their innovative spirit reader, simply download a free reader through the app and uncompromising attitude to projects that make a long- store on your smartphone device. lasting impact on their communities.20 - 23 pArt 2 feAtures And their benefits the what, the where and the how of professional-grade engineering. it’s everything you need to know, from the spark-ignited, direct-injected engine to the remote power liftgate, about the 2012 GMC acadia. how to use the url24 - 29 pArt 3 if You don’t hAve A smArtphone spec Your model if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still experience all Compare all the options, check out the accessories and the extra content by logging on to the Web and entering the customize your own 2012 GMC acadia. Web address found next to the Qr code. 1 Vehicle shown with available equipment.
  • 4. project HistOriC-sHip rebUildinG —albanY, nY KeepinG liFe On COUrse. in tHe 17tH CentUrY Or tHe 21st. Can you rebuild a 400-year-old dutch sailing vessel by hand, with only the help of volunteers? You can if you never say never. When a group of new York Capital district residents set out to reconstruct the Onrust (dutch for “restless”), the first trading ship built in america, into a living (and floating) classroom, they spent 3 years using authentic 17th-century dutch building techniques to rebuild the ship to its authentic 1614 specifications. With the help of GMC, they had the capability they needed to haul materials, the resources they required to construct the engine room and the perseverance it took to bring an important part of american history back to life. so whAt does 17th-centurY shipbuilding sAY About the engineering of the gmc AcAdiA? that true craftsmanship is timeless. that the details are where you find the difference. and if you dream of building something to stand the test, there’s no substitute for professional grade. it was as true in the 17th century as it is in the 21st: the right transport can make all the difference when you’re trying to keep life on course. gmc AcAdiA. f o r m o r e o f t h e s t o r Y, s c A n t h e Q r c o d e w i t h Y o u r s m A r t p h o n e o r v i s i t g m c . c o m / A c A d i A _s h i p2
  • 5. P A R T 1 : h i S t o r ic - S h i P r e b u i l d i n g — A l b A n y , n y V E H I C L E s H o w n : A c A d i A S lt F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e 2 0 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n P o w e r t r A i n f e At u r e S Vehicle shown with available equipment. makes crossing the Mohawk river a lot easier With 288 horsepower, a 3.6l V-6 VVt engine AcAdiA slt in stone grAY metAllic 3 than in the Onrust’s day.
  • 6. ↑ AcAdiA slt interior in light titAnium ↓ Change gears with a ↓ available rear-Vision Camera system acadia’s smart slide system and fold-flat seats push of a button using integrated into rearview mirror, or when give you multiple configurations and up to 116.9 Manual shift Control. ordered, into naV screen. cu. ft. of cargo capacity.1With second- and third-row seats folded. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.1 Vehicle shown with available equipment.
  • 7. P A R T 1 : h i S t o r ic - S h i P r e b u i l d i n g — A l b A n y , n y V E H I C L E s H o w n : A c A d i A S lt↓ available steering-wheel-mounted fingertip ↓ easy-to-read gauge cluster F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e S 2 1 - 2 2 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n i n t e r i o r f e At u r e S controls let you manage your music and tracks mileage, engine speed phone without taking your eyes off the road and an epa-estimated 24 hwy or hands off the wheel. mpg fuel efficiency. 5
  • 8. AcAdiA Slt interior in light titAnium Control your drive and command the road with brushed aluminum instrument panel, electronic driver information Center, Usb connectivity,1 siriusXM satellite radio,2 bluetooth®3 and available naV radio.41 not compatible with all devices. 2requires a subscription, sold separately by siriusXM after the trial period. siriusXM radio service only available in the 48 contiguous United states and the district of Columbia. For more informationand to view Customer agreement, visit siriusxm.com. 3Go to gm.com/bluetooth to find out which bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. 4Map coverage for puerto rico and the U.s. Virgin islands available on separatedisc. Coverage not available for portions of Canada. Vehicle shown with available equipment.
  • 9. P A R T 1 : h i S t o r ic - S h i P r e b u i l d i n g — A l b A n y , n y V E H I C L E s H o w n : A c A d i A S lt F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e S 2 1 - 2 2 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n i n t e r i o r f e At u r e S
  • 10. AcAdiA Slt in quickSilver metAllicacadia’s body-frame integral design createsa low lift-over height, making loading andunloading any cargo easy. 8
  • 11. P A R T 1 : h i S t o r ic - S h i P r e b u i l d i n g — A l b A n y , n y V E H I C L E s s H o w n : A c A d i A S lt F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e S 2 0 - 2 1 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n e x t e r i o r S t y l i n g A n d f u n c t i o n A l i t y Vehicles shown with available equipment. 9 ↑ acadia’s available two-panel dual sunroof and rear power liftgate in action. ↓ standard 19" machined aluminum highlight acadia’s distinct design. wheels shine on the streets of ↑ sleek lines and bold accents schenectady, nY. ↑
  • 12. ↓ acadia denali’s standard High-intensity ↑ the distinctive, discharge headlamps provide a brighter, more commanding focused light than conventional headlamps. grille of GMC. 10
  • 13. P A R T 1 : h i S t o r ic - S h i P r e b u i l d i n g — A l b A n y , n y AcAdiA denAli in white diAmond tricoAt streamlined bodyside moldings, chrome accents and 20" two-tone chrome-clad wheels1 accentuate denali’s athletic stance. VEHICLE sHown : AcAdiA denAli F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e S 2 0 - 2 1 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n e x t e r i o r S t y l i n g 11Use only GM-approved wheel and tire combinations. For important wheel and tire information, go to gmaccessorieszone.com or see your dealer for details.1 Vehicle shown with available equipment.
  • 14. AcAdiA denAli in white diAmondtricoAt the smooth, sleek lines ofdenali raise curb appeal wherever it goes. 4 12
  • 15. P A R T 1 : h i S t o r ic - S h i P r e b u i l d i n g — A l b A n y , n y the people behind the onrust project gmc AcAdiA Contributing skills, time and hard work, over 250 volunteers came together to help reconstruct america’s first dutch trading ship, the Onrust. Utilizing recently rediscovered authentic dutch shipbuilding techniques, the reconstruction isn’t merely a replica but an actual working 17th-century dutch ship, built the same way the original was some 400 years ago. VEHICLEs sHown : AcAdiA denAli↓ Volunteer manning the ropes. ↓ the Onrust setting sail on the ↑ Volunteer fire bending wood for↓ Greta Wagle, project director of the Onrust project. ↓ Hudson river, albany, nY. the ship.↓ Volunteers unloading acadia slt. ↓ F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e S 2 0 - 2 1 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n e x t e r i o r S t y l i n g↓ the Onrust nameplate proudly ↓ Greta unloading acadia slt. ↓ Woodworking materials. don rittner, Onrust project ↓ the Onrust nameplate proudly displayed on the ship. displayed straightening the sails president, on the ship. of the Onrust. ↓ Greta unloading acadia slt. to join the conversation about these projects, or to learn how people are making a difference, visit facebook.com/gmc and look for “Community projects.” Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  • 16. project QUad rUGbY traininG —aUstin, tX liFe is abOUt MOre tHan jUst liMitatiOns. Overcoming obstacles. pursuing your passion. the confidence to take on any challenge. the men and women of team Force Quad rugby know what it’s like to never say never. practicing for up to 4 hours a day, they train in pursuit of a dream: to represent their country and prove they can still be their best no matter what the challenge. With national tr youts over 700 miles away and capability an issue, they relied on the help of GMC to make that dream come true. like the engineering behind GMC, the players know ever yday life shouldn’t be defined by limits. like true champions, they live their lives in defiance of them. thAt’s the sAme Attitude we build into everY gmc AcAdiA. designed to exceed expectations, built to back you up and engineered to make it easy, acadia is the crossover that sets standards in its class. and the perfect vehicle for keeping your life in control and taking charge of the day. innovative technology. advanced versatility. and the determination to meet whatever challenge comes your way. With qualities like that, there’s no limit to where you can go. gmc AcAdiA. f o r m o r e o f t h e s t o r Y, s c A n t h e Q r c o d e w i t h Y o u r s m A r t p h o n e o r v i s i t g m c . c o m / A c A d i A _r u g b Y14
  • 17. PA R T 1 : q u A d r u g b y t r A ining —A u S t in , t x VEHICLE sHown : AcAdiA denAli F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e 2 0 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n c h A S S i S A n d S u S P e n S i o nAcAdiA denAli in white diAmond tricoAtWith stabilitrak electronic stability control and thelongest wheelbase in its class, acadia performs ineven the most adverse conditions and takes on anycommute with confidence. 15 Vehicle shown with available equipment.
  • 18. ↑ AcAdiA denAli in white diAmond tricoAt acadia’s gleaming chrome accents and impressive presence make a powerful statement on the road.↓ the unique illuminated ↓ acadia’s available rear-seat ↓ chrome door sill plate entertainment system comes of the denali. with a remote control and two sets of wireless headphones. 16
  • 19. PA R T 1 : q u A d r u g b y t r A ining —A u S t in , t x VEHICLE sHown : AcAdiA denAli F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e S 2 1 - 2 2 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n i n t e r i o r f e At u r e SAcAdiA denAli ebony interior a wood-trimmedsteering wheel and perforated, leather-appointed,heated and cooled front seats are just two of the uniqueaccents of acadia denali’s interior. 17 Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  • 20. ↓ AcAdiA Slt in quickSilver metAllic the athletic stance, distinguished ↑ acadia’s low drag co-efficient and aerodynamic design help give look and exceptional convenience of acadia make it the premium crossover it better highway fuel economy1 than any other eight-passenger sUV. for luxury and refinement. 18epa-estimated mpg (FWd) 24 hwy.1
  • 21. PA R T 1 : q u A d r u g b y t r A ining —A u S t in , t x the Athletes of teAm force QuAd rugbY gmc AcAdiA team Force Quad rugby pulls the best athletes from wheelchair rugby teams around the country for a chance to test their skills against the highest level of competition. With 13 members and an 8-month season, the team serves as a valuable training ground for the national team, advancing 10 players in their 6 years of existence. V E H I C L E s H o w n : A c A d i A S lt↓ the Quad rugby Coach, james ↓ players have a warm-up game in austin, tX. ↑ players practice in a parking garage Gumbert, aka “Coach Gumbie.” in austin, tX. F E AT U R E s : S e e P A g e S 2 0 - 2 1 f o r m o r e d e tA i l e d i n f o r m At i o n o n e x t e r i o r f e At u r e S↑ a player wraps his hands with tape ↓ player C.j. brown using his “tire-dragging” ↓ Quad rugby is played with before practice. technique for training. a soccer ball. 5↓ advancing the ball. to join the conversation about these projects, or to learn how people are making a difference, visit facebook.com/gmc and look for “Community projects.” Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  • 22. pArt 2FeatUres and tHeir beneFits engine trAction control sYstem to make the most of available traction on CHassis and sUspensiOnpOWertrain many road surfaces, traction control measures and compares the speed of engineered for responsiveness at all speeds, the 3.6l V-6 VVt in GMC acadia your wheels. if it senses one or more wheels starting to spin, such as on a is the ideal blend of power and efficiency. With a high-performance 24-valve, slippery surface, the system applies individual brakes and manages engine dual-overhead cam design, the 3.6l V-6 accelerates smoothly and quickly for power to slow the wheel down and maintain traction, so you can move forward confident highway passing and merging. Yet its efficiency gives it surprising with a better sense of control. highway fuel economy 1—the best of any eight-passenger sUV. wide stAnce /long wheelbAse For the ride comfort of a full-size sUV, 3.6l V-6 VVt (llt) the acadia has the longest wheelbase measurement in its class, which HOrsepOWer: 288 hp @ 6300 rpm reduces fore-aft rocking at highway speeds. the wide track pushes the tOrQUe: 270 lb-ft @ 3400 rpm wheels out to the edge of the body for the stability and sure-footed cornering found in much smaller vehicles. trAilering pAckAge in addition to the luxury-sedan ride and the exceptional maneuverability, acadia is engineered with a maximum trailer weight rating of up to 5200 lbs.3 When you order this available package, you get the heavy-duty cooling system, a factory-installed trailer hitch with a standard 2" receiver, attaching points for safety chains and a seven-pin trailer harness with a built-in female connector. vAriAble vAlve timing (vvt) this gives you the power of a high- steering COntrOl and respOnse performance engine with the low-speed response you need for situations such as trailering or climbing steep inclines. this technology constantly power rAck-And-pinion steering For precise and accurate response, monitors and changes how the valves open and close to give you near-peak acadia features power rack-and-pinion steering. it provides a positive levels of torque across the entire range of engine speeds. on-center feel at highway speeds, as well as extra low-speed assist for maneuvering in tight spaces. sl and sle models feature constant-effort power steering. trAnsmission 6-speed AutomAtic overdrive trAnsmission designed to be an brAking interactive partner with the engine and control system, this transmission chooses the best gear for economy or power based on your driving style. Antilock brAking sYstem (Abs) For confident stops in a variety of For steep hills, bad weather or a really great driving road, all acadia conditions, every acadia features four-channel antilock brakes. When the models feature tap-up/-down gear selection with driver shift Control. brakes are applied, abs can detect impending wheel lock-up, and then pulse it gives you the ability to manually shift gears for optimal driver control. that wheel’s brake to prevent it. a four-channel system, it can activate any combination of vehicle brakes to maintain control. power four-wheel disc brAkes For outstanding braking performance strength And reliAbilitY in virtually any conditions, power four-wheel disc brakes are standard on every model. their ample size offers the capacity for repeated stops, while oil life monitor For long life and durability, nothing is more important the smooth, progressive action of the brake pedal can help you to maintain than changing your oil at the right time. GMC engineered the mystery out of control in situations where only a small amount of brake force is required. this essential service with the Oil life Monitor. it calculates how much life your oil has left, based on when and how you drive. then it updates you with a telltale on your driver information Center. design eXteriOr stYlinG and FUnCtiOnalitY onstAr vehicle diAgnostics2 the peace of mind that comes from knowing the condition of your acadia’s key systems is as easy as checking Aluminum wheels the good looks are always standard on acadia. sl and your e-mail. the Onstar Vehicle diagnostics service that comes standard sle models have a handsome, deeply sculptured, 18" painted aluminum with your 6-month trial subscription to Onstar can run hundreds of checks five-spoke wheel, while slt models roll on 19" ultra-bright machined of your acadia’s engine, transmission, antilock brakes and more, then aluminum five-spoke wheels for a custom look with factory strength. organize the information into an easy-to-read monthly report. Onstar can exclusive 20" wheels4 set denali apart with a flash of chrome-clad brilliance. also run a check of your vehicle as you drive just by pressing the blue button and asking the advisor for an On-demand diagnostics check. that’s peace distinctive gmc stYling You can feel GMC’s century of experience the of mind when you need it. instant you see it. From the handsome wheel arches and the bold mesh grille to the powerful stance and rugged details, you can tell this is a true GMC, not a passenger car masquerading as an sUV. components fog lAmps in driving conditions where high beams are impractical, fogCH ass is a nd s U sp ens i O n lamps can help to give you an extra measure of confidence. they throw extra All-wheel drive (Awd) For an extra measure of traction in wet or dry light down the road, but their beams spread low and forward to give a better weather, a fully automatic aWd system is available on all acadia models. this sense of what’s ahead. system sends power to each wheel based on available traction. because the aWd system is so well integrated with acadia, it is almost imperceptible in heAted power-retrActAble mirrors For excellent visibility and extra daily driving. clearance, these available power mirrors are the ideal solution. they are heated to remove snow, frost and fogging. On sle models, they have a black fullY independent suspension For precise control and luxury-vehicle grain finish and fold manually. On slt-2 and denali models, they are color- refinement, GMC acadia is engineered with a four-wheel independent keyed to the body and power fold. slt-1 is manual folding. suspension. as the name implies, each wheel can act independently to maintain road contact, which helps you stay in control. With sophisticated 1 FWd models. epa-estimated 24 hwy mpg. 2 Capabilities vary by model. Visit onstar.com for details and shock absorbers and struts filled with nitrogen gas instead of conventional system limitations. 3Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessar
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