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Summary 1jv00
  1JV00Data-analysis;- Descriptive statistics- Statistics that summarize, organize and describe a sample of data- !easure of tendency;- !ean ; verage #sum of all scores divided by the sample size- !ode ; !ost common or fre$uent score in distribution- !edian ; !iddle score - value separating the higher half from the lo%er half- Variability ; &he e'tent to %hich scores in a distribution vary- Variance, standard deviation #SD(- Distribution ; S)e%ness- *ositive+negative- eft+right- nferential statistics- Statistics used to aid the researcher in testing hypotheses and ma)ing inferences from the sample to the population- Differences bet%een groups- Strength of association bet%een variables- Statistical significance;- ndicates probability of getting the observed data - Statistical po%er;- i)elihood of finding a statistically significant difference %hen a true difference e'ists- *o%er decreases %ith smaller samplesevels of measurements;- .ominal ; abels, no order /$uality, differentiation, characteristic- rdinal ; &here is an order Difference bet%een the orders do not matter- nterval ; Distance bet%een scores is meaningful, intervals are e$ual, no fi'ed zero point- atio ; 2i'ed zero point3rafie) standaarddeviatie - 456-786-7769orrelation coefficient- ndicates magnitude and direction #positive or negative( of relationship bet%een : variables- Vary bet%een -1 and 1 #perfect relationship(9orrelation is .& e$ual to caussality- Je %eet niet %at %at be<nvloed- =>ased on the correlations, you generally cannot conclude that there is a causal relationship bet%een the variables9riteria for measurement instruments;- eliability ; consistency or stability of a measure- &est-retest reliability; 1st test has same outcome as retest- /$uivalent test reliability; - nter-rater reliability; - nternal consistency; - Validity ; does the instrument actualy measure %hat it is supposed to measure- 9ontent-related validity; is it measuring %hat it is supposed to measure- 9riterion-related validity; - *redictive validity; - 9oncurrent validity; - 9onstruct-related validity;
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