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    Part 1 This section will last approximately 2 minutes, or 3 minutes for groups of three. The examiner will say the following: Good morning/afternoon/evening. My name is __________ and this is my colleague  __________. And your names are? Can I have your mark sheets, please? Thank you. First of all, we’d like to know something about you. The examiner will select one or two questions and ask candidates in turn, as appropriate. ã   Where are you from? ã   What do you do here/there? ã   How long have you been studying English? ã   Do you enjoy studying English? The examiner will select one or more questions from the following, as appropriate: ã   Do you have any hobbies or interests? ã   Why are you preparing for the CAE exam? ã   What sort of work would you like to do in the future? Why? ã   Do you think you spend too much time working or studying? Why? / Why not?    ã   Do you like using the internet to keep in touch with people? Why? / Why not? ã   Have you celebrated anything recently? How? ã   If you could travel to one country in the world, where would you go? Why? ã   How important is it to you to spend time with your family? Why? / Why not? ã   Who do you think has had the greatest influence on your life? Why?      Part Two This section will last approximately 4 minutes, or 6 minutes for groups of three. Examiner:  In this part of the test, I'm going to give each of you three pictures. I’d like you to talk about two  of them on your own for about a minute, and also to answer a question briefly about your partner's photographs. (Candidate A),  it’s your turn first. Here are your pictures. They show people in different educational settings.  I'd like you to compare  two of the pictures and compare the settings  and say how the students may be feeling in each one.  All right? Candidate A:   (Speaks for one minute.)   Examiner:  Thank you. (Candidate B), in which educational setting do you think you would learn best? Why?     In the second half of part two,   the two candidates switch roles so that candidate B talks about a set of pictures and candidate A answers a question relating to the new set of pictures.  
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